Button, Button, who’s got the button?

Pearl Buttons

There’s just something about buttons that appeals to each of us, or at least the child in each of us! How many of us have played with our grandma’s buttons, or in my case, my mom’s buttons (in her old, black Singer sewing machine table’s drawer, where she had them stored).

There are many of us who are just unable to pass up browsing buttons everywhere we go! They beckon out to us just as the energetic street market vendor I met in Istanbul – I couldn’t pass up his booth, because he would sing, shout, smile or offer me a sample – and before you knew it, there I was at his booth sorting through his goods! You might call us “Buttonholics”!

Have you heard the phrase “cute as a button”? Boy, whoever thought up that phrase knew what they were talking about – buttons are fun little works of art, as you’ve heard me say time and time again! And, guess what? You are probably wearing at least one on every outfit! Buttons have been a fashion staple and statement for centuries. The word button comes from an old French term, bouton, which means bud or knob.

So, I guess, each one of us has the button after all!

Happy and satisfied customer!


I am so very excited and honored to show my very first “Happy Customer” photo from The Button Lady business! This beautiful young lady is Natalia A., and she is holding two button picture frames that I made. Her room is being remodeled, and these will be part of that change! Natalia, and her awesome mom, Cindy, gave me permission to share. Thanks for the opportunity, Natalia!

Interesting Button History

star with buttons

You’ve heard me mention royalty and buttons before. Buttons have been a favorite of royalty for generations. Legend has it that King Francis the First of France had a favorite suit that he wore with over 13,000 gold buttons during a special meeting with England’s Henry VII. And, get this – Louis XIV spent $600,000 on buttons in one year!

When new materials came on the market, new and different buttons appeared. Shellac was the very first “plastic” used for buttons. It was replaced pretty quickly by celluloid, but celluloid yellowed and cracked over time and was flammable. Bakelite was discovered while a chemist was looking for an alternative to celluloid to coat wires in electric motors and generators! Bakelite is considered the first true plastic, being made completely from synthetic materials. It was hard and durable, so a great choice for buttons!

(*Information gathered from ‘buttonware, Amy Barickman’.)

Colorful Rays


I am excited! So excited that I couldn’t wait for the glue to dry! This is my latest canvas – ‘Colorful Rays’. This piece has a mixture of beautiful buttons – vintage cloth, Mother of Pearl, Celluloid, etc. Here comes the sun!

Price: 46.50      

Colorful? Yes!


I recently picked these up from an Antique Store, and these buttons are just amazing! I put this selection on the plate, so you could see their bright colors, molded designs, carvings and sparkle! The colors pop! That is one major way that you can tell if you have the real deal – look at the color!  I put quite a few white ones, so you could see the different designs – so gorgeous! Some of these have painted designs on them (upper right – the green basket & red button).

I will end with a line from my poem, “The Button Jar” – The thought that something so simple can bring us pleasure, is definitely a truth to treasure.



Oh sing to the LORD a new song, for He has done marvelous things! Psalm 98:1

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