Spring has sprung! For all of you butterfly enthusiasts, this canvas piece is just for you! Or, if you have been ready for Spring for awhile now, this will brighten any spot, and especially your heart!

Size: 8″ x 8″ on a stand

Price: 15.001959821_10152270025694371_519532505_n

Interesting facts about Mother of Pearl Buttons and Shell Buttons!


Shell buttons can be made from many kinds of mollusks. All “pearl” buttons are shell buttons, but not all shell buttons are “pearl.” The biggest differences: Mother of Pearl or Pearl buttons are made from oyster shells found in the warm Pacific Ocean waters. They resemble white satin fabric with that beautiful iridescent luster that comes from the lining of the shell. (As you can see from the ones I showed in this picture.) Shell buttons are white, but lack this iridescence. They might even be a little thinner. Early shell buttons were imported to America chiefly from England, and around 1890, Americans began making buttons from mussel shells harvested from the Mississippi River. *If you think you have a Mother of Pearl Button, but you are not sure, just put it up to your cheek, and it will be ice cold. I love that!