Twinkle Buttons!


Twinkle buttons are made of metal and have pierced (open) tops that reveal a shiny liner or reflective surface. They come in many shapes and sizes; the liners also come in a variety of colors. You might say that these buttons were the “bling” of their day!

They can be simple or elaborate, and the twinkle portion can be a single tiny element confined to the border or cover the entire surface of the button. What I have pictured, is a beautiful twinkle button, with floral designs on the button itself, and the twinkle part is each petal of a flower. I made this twinkle button into a hair clip, and it really catches the light, and is very shiny through the pierced openings!


Vegetable Ivory!


Vegetable Ivory is certainly a strange name, isn’t it? Especially considering that Vegetable Ivory buttons are made from neither vegetable or ivory! It’s actually a nut that comes from a palm tree in South America! It has a dense meaty center, and is called either tagua or corzo. They are sliced as in the picture above, and shaped into buttons, and the designs are either carved or impressed into the surface. Because the nuts are so dense, they only take dye on the surface of the button.  So, a lot of times underneath the button, where the shank is placed, you can still see the original nut color.

They were a favorite for uniform buttons because they were inexpensive to produce and took design easily. As an example, Brownie and Girl Scouts uniform buttons in the 1950’s, were vegetable ivory.

*Information came from Warman’s Buttons Field Guide by Jill Gorski

Office Supplies = Sweater Clips!


Many of you might not have worn sweater clips, but they work wonders with a cardigan, sweater or vest that you don’t want to get away from you! I took this idea from a book I have by Jennifer Perkins, where she takes office supplies, and transforms them into beautiful jewelry, etc. I used Binder Clips. We are nodding our heads to Administrative Professionals Day, which is tomorrow, (or as it was called in my day – Secretary’s Day). So, go ahead, dig through your office supplies, and see what you can come up with, or just get one of these! There are four available, with an awesome houndstooth print. Button colors: Orange and Blue; Red and Gray Pearl; Green and Pearl Yellow; Purple and Gray Pearl.

Price: 5.00 each; or all 4 for 15.00

How may I serve you??


These Button Mosaic Serving Trays are perfect for decoration or parties, gatherings or just about anything! They would make an awesome Mother’s Day gift too! The top tray is actually a pretty floral scene, called “Flower Patch”. The bottom, bigger tray, is sprinkled with awesome pops of color, and called “Color Zone”. Both pieces have gray grout to really bring out the colors to their fullest potential!

Price: Flower Patch – 25.00; Color Zone – 32.50

A happy customer!


L. Ball purchased these headbands as a gift, and there are plenty more where they came from! All colors, designs and sizes! Please leave a comment if you are interested, and I can send you a picture of any colors you are interested, etc.

Lisa purchased “Gold Starburst” and “Seeing Spots”, and these are still available: Naturally Wild (Animal Print); Magenta Surprise (Purple, Gray and White); Aqua Woman (Aqua and White); Black-Scarlet (Black headband with Red and White); Jet Shadows (White headband with Black and Gray); French Blue (Blue headband with Blue and White); Royally Blue (Blue headband with White); Aqua Fantasy (Aqua headband with Aqua); Deep White (Black headband with White); White Darkness (White headband with Black) White Dazzle (White headband with White and Bling Bling); Cocoa Surprise (Brown headband with brown and cool shapes and Bling)
Plus, there are two stretchy black, white and gray cloth headbands.

Price: 8.00 each


The Pinwheel


Sunny, windy days just bring to my mind colorful pinwheels, and the way they dance in the breeze! I’ve always been fascinated by them, and just had to create one with buttons! Go back to your childhood as you enjoy this creation!

Size: 8″ x 10″

Price: 15.00

The Family Button Box/Tin!


I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research over the last several years, and stumbled across something very interesting. There was a time when most families had a button tin or box, and many of us can remember playing with the box/tin as children. They contained endless treasures and we have fond memories as we think about this time in our lives. But, in more recent years, women have had less time, and aren’t making as many homemade clothes. Instead of saving the buttons off of their old clothes, or at least the extra button with their new clothes, cutting them off, and putting them in the family button box/tin, these buttons are being thrown away.

The above unique tin, was actually a button tin that I acquired a few years ago in an antique store, and the buttons were still in the tin. I would call that a very special find, and just think if that tin could talk, the stories it would tell.