China Stencil Buttons


China buttons have amazed me and interested me for a long time. They have gorgeous stencil designs, and there are over 325 patterns (that have been noted), and nearly 60 stencil patterns have been cataloged. Right now, I have two of them, and their designs are captivating!They were manufactured in France, England and Long Island, New York, for use on undergarments, shirts and dresses around 1840. They were used commonly for the working class clothing because of their sturdy construction and small size.

*Information gathered from “Busy with Buttons” by Jill Gorski

Without Beginning or End!


Beautiful spheres of color wrapped in pearls and gold! Size of canvas is 10″ wide x 8″ tall.

*I’ve been asked what inspired me with this piece, and I think it is a blending of different colors coming together – for instance, at the top, notice the two circles entwined – going from white, to gray, and then to black. I knew I wanted to do that with color, and when discussing with my husband, he thought of the white, gray to black idea.


Price: 15.00

Headband Mania!



I just had to share the new assortment of Headbands! Beautiful, eye popping colors! Starting with the purple and white headband, and moving around the circle – Purple and White (Magenta Surprise); Gold, Yellow and White (Gold Starburst); Aqua and White (Aqua Woman); Black, Red and White (Black-Scarlet); Blue and White (French Blue); Mixed Polka Dot (Seeing Spots); White, Gray and Black (Jet shadows).  Not only do these hairbands do their job, but they make a fashion statement too!

You can see the “Magenta Surprise” in the hair above – Gorgeous! The purple band is plastic, and the rest are cloth.

Price: 8.00 each

West German (post-World War II) Glass Buttons


Prior to World War II, America’s glass button supply came from Czechoslovakia. After World War II, the center for “modern” glass buttons was now in Germany. **There are imitation glass buttons out there, so there are a couple of tests. 1.) Glass is cool on your cheek, or skin, but so is a china button, so . . . 2.) Tap the glass button on your teeth. If you hear a clicking sound that is very sharp, it is a glass button – if it is dull, then it’s not.

I’d like to draw your attention to a couple of the glass buttons on this beautiful china platter (which was my mom’s old china). Please look at the pretty blue striped one, trimmed with gold luster,  in the lower center of the platter. This is a “moonglow” – (in which a thin layer of clear glass is applied over the color layer); colored stripes on colored bodies, colored stripes on white bodies, gold luster, design under glass, satin glass and candy stripes.

The other button, is in the upper center of the platter. This is a “molded berry design” – bubble glass, and back has painted “mercury” finish, and is sometimes referred to as “mirror back”. This button has a beautiful layered design, and it has so much depth.

Glass is such a wonderful medium for design work. The possibilities are endless when it comes to glass buttons.

Buttons Gone Spiral


Did you grow up playing with a spirograph, or drawing spirals all over your notebooks? If so, this is perfect for you! This piece is filled with vintage buttons, and even has a couple of dyed, carved, mother of Pearl turquoise buttons, a frosted glass button, etched in gold too! And, all the buttons are set inside a yellow painted chain!  Size: 8″ high by 10″ wide

Price: 20.00

The Button Jar, by Debbie Coleman

3-31-2014 3;29;14 PM

When I see a jar of buttons, my smile gets a little bigger, and my imagination soars!

The projects that await me will open many doors.

What vibrant colors are shining back at me, and what they’ll be transformed into, I cannot wait to see!

Such shapes, sizes and designs are beauties to behold!

The projects are endless, of that I’ve been told!

I can’t wait to pour them out and carefully sort through them, and as I look and search, I’m sure to find a gem.

Just think what these buttons have been through; colors, threads and brightness that have held together like glue.

But as I look into the jar, there’s something shining to be sure; and as I look closer, I can see that what shines is love, and it is so pure.

The thought that something so simple can bring us pleasure, is definitely a truth to treasure.

I tell this tale to help you see, whatever your “button craft” might be;

Share it with everyone so that they might know, that out of humble beginnings, look what can grow!

Enjoy what you do and thank God every day. His blessings do come in so many ways!