Sunny Daze!


This vintage grey mosaic trivet is just bursting with the Orange’s, Yellow’s and Gold’s of the sun! The rays are shooting in all directions with the silvery gray buttons all around them! There were a few buttons I just hated to part with, but they HAD to be in this creation! The center orange button is absolutely gorgeous, and the fluted yellow one next to it, along with a very cute yellow dyed Mother of pearl, and then the beautiful round silvery/grey Pearl button is the bomb!

These rays are subtle, but seem to be floating in the atmosphere in this fun trivet! You will definitely want to add a bit of sunlight to your day with this piece, or give it as a gift to add some sun to someone else’s life!

Price: 17.50

Snowflake Flurry!



Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Oh, how I love snowflakes – definitely one of my favorite things in this world! In this set, I used lots of vintage Mother of pearl and plastic works of art! They say that no two snowflakes are alike, and I think that is one of the reasons they are so interesting! I also used a technique for the background that adds to the snowy feel!

These two pictures are 6 1/2″ x 12 1/4″.

Price: 30.00/set

Stacked Colorful Button Magnet Sets



These stacked button magnet sets are amazing! I wanted to show you a couple of sets available, so you could see the detail of each stacked magnet! The Grey Set is full of Marbled Grey buttons, Silvery, Shimmer buttons, Sculpted, Fluted Metal buttons, Dyed Mother of Pearl; and the Vintage 1960’s Cloth Set is full of bright vivid colors – Bright White, Red, Brown Velvet, Pale Pink, Aqua, Royal Blue – these colors just pop! And, there is a close-up to see their unique style!

Other sets available: Black/Grey/Red Combo; Salmon Pink/White; Black/Slate Blue; Orange/Green; Blue/White/Yellow; Browns/Tans. These are all in sets of six. Contact me to see any of the other sets!

The magnets that are used are small and super strong! These are great gifts for just about anyone!

Price: 15.00 per set

Button Storage


Button storage . . . very important. The buttons I’m showing in this post were NOT stored properly. I picked up a batch of buttons at a flea market about 6 months ago that were stored in an old plastic candy container with a tight lid. I’m sure the lid hadn’t been opened in – well – could have been years.

I’m just showing a few of the ruined buttons in the container. The white button on the upper left of the heart, has had a button melt into it, and can’t be cleaned; the red button under it crumbled and broke from being in a hot, tightly covered container; the orange button, as you can see, had another button melt into it, and there isn’t anything that can be done about that; the beautiful, or what would have been beautiful grey Mother of pearl button has had a white “chalky” substance melt on it, and can’t be washed or scraped off; and the pretty golden yellow vintage plastic button melted and is almost an oval shape now; and finally, the clear, vintage acrylic button has also had a button melt on it, and the dirty looking brown substance, can’t be cleaned off.

For me, it doesn’t matter if I store buttons in containers with closed off lids, because I open those containers all the time. But, if they are going to sit for years, without the lid being opened, put them in open containers that allow your buttons to breathe. And, please don’t store them in a hot place, that isn’t ventilated.

Remember, these buttons are made of different materials – plastic, acrylic, shell, wood, metal, etc., and they will all “mesh” together if not properly stored.

Ziggity Zaggity!


This Chevron style creation has been in the works for some time. I’ve had fun taping a fun design on the canvas, and deciding on what colors to put where. The decision of gray, peach, teal and citrus green just happened, and I’m glad they did! They have a certain flow to them, and could put up residence in many color schemes!

Our lives are full of zigging and zagging, and this piece signifies the ups and downs of life, and the colors that can be found along the way.

Size: 11 x 14 inches

Price: 42.50

Happy Customer – Child’s Button Bouquet in Plastic Vase!

1958388_10152503361854371_4799951633069868267_n Grace with Button Bouquet (1)

This was a recent order from a customer, who wanted a Pink and Purple Button Bouquet for a little girl, and wanted it in a plastic vase, so this worked out great, and she really liked it, and loved the “sparkly” ones especially!
It was fun to try something a little different! These “plastic vase” small Button Bouquets are great for children or anyone who doesn’t want to worry about the vase falling over and breaking.

Price: 17.50 each

Dyed Mother of Pearl Buttons


In the mid-1800’s, Mother of Pearl, along with precious metals, bone and animal horns – was extremely rare, expensive to obtain and reserved for royalty.

It was not until a German-born button maker, John Fredrick Boepple, immigrated to the U.S. did Mother of Pearl buttons rise to popularity and became available to the masses.

The process of stamping them from shells required specialized and expensive machinery.

As well, the shells Boepple used had to be imported and were subject to an extremely high tariff.

With his business failing, John Boepple brought his button stamping machinery to the one place he was sure could supply him an endless supply of shells – the U.S. and the Mississippi River.

There is a great Pearl Button Museum in Muscatine, Iowa, where John Boepple set up business.

There was a time when 37% of the world’s buttons (in 1905, that was 1.5 billion buttons) came from the glossy inner surfaces of freshwater mollusk shells harvested by citizens of the small town of Muscatine, on the Mississippi River.

Mother of Pearl is rather easily dyed . . . typically only tinted so the iridescense is not masked – to virtually any color.

*Some information taken from Amy Barickman and Linzee McCray.




I wanted to share a very special button with you. This is what’s known as a “Whistle” button. They come in various sizes, shapes, colors. This one is a vintage paisley design, and I couldn’t help but share it with you.

In the first picture, I asked my husband to hold it, so you can see – this side of the button is the side with only ONE HOLE, and he held it to the light, and you can faintly make out that it really has two holes on the other side. This is a true WHISLE BUTTON. Then, you can see the other side has TWO WHOLES. Plain as day. When you look straight through . . .  you should be able to see a small portion of the two holes through the top hole.

This looks like it is a wooden button, but at closer examination, it is Celluloid. Very unique.