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Swivel Tassel Clips have been really popular, and I created 4 more designs! From left to right, starting in the upper left: Mellow Yellow; Hats Off; Floral Fantasy; Black Roses. I used vintage, antique and vintage buttons from Istanbul, Turkey! These versatile and fun swivel clips can be clipped just about anywhere! And, they make incredible gifts too!

Price: 7.50 each

Be sure to comment and check with me regarding availability!

Swivel Tassel Clips Part “Deux”


These Swivel Tassel Clips are so popular and fun! You can “clip” these on key chains; purses; back packs; phones and so much more! AND, the fun part, is the clips swivel in any direction! From left to right: Midnight Stars; Amber Orbs; Dark Sparks! These are really helpful when you need to keep something with you – just clip it, and problem solved! These make great gifts for any occasion!

Price: 7.50 each

Be sure to check regarding availability!

Toga fasteners?


The earliest buttons came from a variety of natural materials. Ancient Greeks and Romans used buttons and loops to fasten their togas and tunics.

Many believe the medieval Crusaders introduced the idea of the buttonhole to Europe as they returned from what now is known as the Middle East. This innovation revolutionized fashion and tailoring, and allowed for a more fitted, sophisticated style of dress.

In the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, jewelers began creating gold-plated buttons as decorative elements, mostly for men. They were very expensive, making them well out of reach for most people.

Much later, in the seventeenth century, simpler artisan buttons made of natural materials became widely available.

–Taken from “button it up” by Susan Beal