The Seasons of the Button!

Oh my . . . one of my favorite creations! The four seasons in colorful detail!

This 12″ x 36″ canvas has it all – the images of each season in their glorious splendor!

From the bottom: Spring has sprung! Lots of flowers – daisies, roses, blossoms on the branches, pinks, greens, bee’s and a ladybug, and even an owl perched on a branch.

Then: Winter is shining and twinkling! Lots of different snowflakes, icy white and blue buttons hanging from the branches! A flurry of beauty!

Moving up: Summer in full swing! The sun is shining off to the left, and then, there is even a sandy scene, complete with sea shells too! Lots of hot, gorgeous colors!

Finally: Fall is happening in golds, oranges, browns and a few purple buttons too! The leaves are falling, and the harvest moon is big and full, surrounded with faux coral as an accent!


Pick up/Delivery Price: 70.00

Mailing/Shipping Price: 90.00


Copy of an Ancient Roman Coin!


OK, this is one of the many reasons, I love vintage and antique button searching! In one of my button jars, I found this awesome old COPY of an ancient Rome coin. At first, I thought it just might be really one of the coins, and noticed that it was marked “Copy” on the back of the coin, but it is just amazing! I am on top of the moon. I got out my magnifying glass (a MUST for all Button collectors), and looked it over! Then, I searched online, and voila . . . this is what it is:Ancient Rome KAICA POC (of Ceasar) 9AD to 12AD A coin from ancient Rome about the time of Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago. Way cool! The inscription KAICA POC means of Ceasar and the LN is a coded date. Am I excited about this little jewel in my jar????? You bet! On the back is a stalk of wheat, and what you see on the front, is a Palm Tree, and little dots encircling the coin. And, it has the words, KAICA POC on it too! (Everything is faded, but clearly there!) I smiled for a couple of days after this find! See More

Vintage Ribbon Button Bracelets!


These Vintage Ribbon Button bracelets just make me smile! Top left is the California Poppy bracelet and then, bottom right, is the Rose Garden bracelet. With one of these on your wrist, you’re sure to be smiling all day long!

And, with the chain extenders, and lobster clasp, you can adjust to your wrist size! They also have a very pretty dangling vintage button to add charm!

Price: $20.00 each

Button Family Tree Collage!


Recently, one of my customers had the idea to put a Button Tree in the middle of a collage of family picture frames in their home. They told me they wanted it on a Burlap background, gave me their room colors, and also the dimensions of the frame. She just sent me this picture! I absolutely love it! The sky truly is the limit when it comes to buttons!

Zipped up beauties!

Zipper Button Flower Brooches!
These zippered beauties are decorated with some amazing vintage buttons and pins! The yellow flower brooch at the top has the zipper attached for a unique look, with a gorgeous floral vintage button in the center! The red flower has a vintage enamel Toy Sewing Machine pin from 1910, (that was hiding in one of my button jars), and the aqua flower on the left, has a beautiful vintage copper button with aqua accents, in the red center! I have been saving the vintage turquoise button for quite a while for JUST the right project, and this was it! Very “zippy”, wouldn’t you agree? Ready to pin on your lapel, collar, purse, wherever you choose!
Price: 7.50 each
Please check with me regarding availability!


Pine Tree Adornments!


Just a sprinkling of snow is falling, and the ornaments are being hung on the branches of the Pine Tree.

We get a glimpse of what this beautiful Christmas Tree looks like decorated on this canvas! Yellow, Red, Aqua & White, with a touch of festive gold thrown in!

Size: 7″ x 14″

Pick up/Delivery Price: 32.50

Mailing/Shipping Price: 40.50