A Button Gift according to a special date/year/era!

A customer of “The Button Woman” gave me permission to share this, and it’s a tremendous idea!

**My customer’s family member purchased a house that was built in the 40’s. They are keeping things as they were at that time ( as much as possible), and my customer chose a couple of Christmas ornaments with buttons from that era to give them for Christmas!
So, think about any special dates/years in your family or friend’s lives, and message me with questions.
A year someone was born? Married? Moved into a special home built in a certain year? Graduated? ?????
I asked my customer if I could share! Love the thought behind it!

***All of the vintage buttons I work with are generally from 1920’s-1960’s, so I can let you know according

to your need.


Spruced up Showpieces!


In their previous lives, these button beauties were Washers, Bottle Caps, Wooden Discs, and Dominoes. With a little resin, glitter, decorative paper, paint, etc., they were transformed into pretty pendants!

Price: 7.50 each  (*purchase five or more, 5.00 each*) 

***Be sure to check with me regarding availability.***

Golden Flower!

image image

This Folk Art Tiles Decorative Cork Button Trivet can be used with or without an easel, or placed on a table or shelf! The vintage buttons used in this piece are painted flowers on metal, from Ireland, and more!

Size: 6″ x 6″    Tiles are on top of 1/4″ of cork.           **Easel not included**

Price: 12.50

Star/Snowflake Vintage Button Ornaments….


The vintage buttons in these creations are so unique and gorgeous! Different color combinations and they all pop!

From top to bottom:

Pink and Yellow (could see this in a little girl’s room also).

Red and Green combinations (2)

Mother of Pearl combinations (3)

Purple, Gray and Navy

Turquoise, White and Aqua

There are dyed mother of Pearl buttons in Purple, Aqua, Turquoise, Blue, and Pink – so shimmery and


Price: 10.00 each     *3 or more – 7.50 each

Autumn Acorns!


Ahhhh Autumn . . . fresh air, golden leaves, acorns at your feet, and in the grass.

These button acorns will add so much decor to your fall arrangements, or perfect to set on the mantel or shelf! Bring Autumn into your home year after year! Vintage buttons add so much charm to these beauties!

Price: 12.50 each      *Only one available*

Vintage visions!

image image

These gorgeous vintage buttons are just a sampling of my latest finds. Dyed mother of Pearl, molded plastics, etc. If you collect buttons, be sure to let antique dealers know about it. Leave your name and number, and check back with them. I had left my name and number at an antique mall in the area, and normally have never had any success of finding anything there, but got a phone call from the owner, and there was a huge bunch of amazing buttons. The buttons shown are from the 1920’s-1950’s.