Button Magnets


Colorful vintage button magnets in sets of 6.

Your magnetic memo board, file cabinet, or refrigerator will be the prettiest one on the block with these beauties!

From left to right:

Mixed color; Slate blue and black; White and yellow; Red, gray and black; Bottle cap; multi-colored cloth; Salmon pink, white; Green, orange; Brown, white and tan; Black, silver and gray; Blue, yellow and white.

Price: 15.00 per set 

Button Tacks!


Functional AND gorgeous?????? Wow! What a novel idea! But, it works! Whether you are at home, or at the office, you definitely need a few of these sets to keep everything neat and tidy!

Very unique vintage buttons were used in these sets – everything from filigree buttons to dyed mother of Pearl!

From left to right:

Green/Gray/White; Turquoise/Gray/White; Maroon; Gray; Red/Black/White; Tan/Beige/White; Red/White; Turquoise/Yellow/White; Black/Red

Next Square:

Tan; Purple; White; White/Multicolored; White; White/Mother of Pearl; White, w/bow tack.

Sets of 6.

Price: 12.50/per set

“Hair” today, Gone Tomorrow Vintage Button Hair Clips


Just a “sprinkling” of the many vintage button hair clips available! Dyed mother of Pearl, silver, gold, rhinestone, etc. Many, many colors too! Something for everyone! Great Holiday gifts, stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, that extra gift that you need, etc.

Price: 7.50 each

Be sure to check with me regarding availability.

“The Farm”


This vintage embroidered farm scene spoke to me, and I felt it needed just a punch of pizzazz, in the form of vintage buttons! Many different styles, such as dyed mother of Pearl, shiny vintage cloth, interesting wood, etc.

There are water lilies floating in the water, and flowers blooming, and a beautiful sun shining down on the farm.

Size: 13″ x 17″

Price: 27.50