Vintage Button Leather Cuff Bracelet

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Vintage Button Leather Cuff Bracelet…Brassy Green! Vintage Green and Brass Buttons. These buttons are absolutely gorgeous! There is so much detail! The brass buttons have flower etchings, as well as swirl designs. You can see the two brass snaps to fit larger or smaller wrist sizes.

Vintage Button Elastic Bracelet…Butterscotch! Vintage plastic, vegetable ivory, and more!  This celluloid center butterscotch shank button is exquisite! There are two butterscotch vegetable ivory buttons placed on each side of the center button.

Vintage Button Leather Cuff – Pick up/Meet up Price: 12.50

Shipping/Mailing Price – 18.00

Springy Vintage Button Key Fob…

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Whenever I go to a Hardware Store, there are consequences…

Are you ready to “spring” into Spring???

Well…These Springy Rhinestone Key Fobs might help you on your journey!
The long extension springs feel good in your hand, and there’s just enough sparkle to brighten up anyone’s day! Vintage rhinestone shank buttons, crystal buttons, Silvery, smoky Mother of Pearl buttons keep them gleaming!

*Crystal Buttons Rhinestone Key Fob – **SOLD**

*Smoky Mother of Pearl Rhinestone Key Fob – still available!

Smoky Mother of Pearl Rhinestone Key Fob – Meet up/Pick up Price: 7.50 each

Shipping/Mailing Price: 9.50

Vintage Button Magnetic Clips!

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I have had many ask if I’d make some magnetic button clips, and guess what? I listened!
Vintage Button Magnetic Clips…
Cocoa Grape (verigated brown and shiny purple), Mocha Aqua (a shiny pearly brown and icy aqua.
These are very strong magnets and your paperwork and notes will never get lost again!

In sets of two!

Cocoa Grape Button Magnetic Clips – Meet up/Pick up Price: 8.00 per set of two

Shipping/Mailing Price: 10.00 set of two

Mocha Aqua Button Magnetic Clips – Meet up/Pick up Price: 8.00 per set of two

Shipping/Mailing Price: 10.00 set of two



Gold Vintage Button Swivel Clips!

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Just take a peak at these cool Gold Vintage Button Swivel Clips! They clip to just about anything, and are so much fun!

Goldenrod; Enchanted Forest; Aqua Ocean..

Lemon Twist – **SOLD**

Goldenrod Vintage Button Swivel Clips – Pick up/Meet up Price: 8.00 each

Shipping/Mailing Price: 11.00 each

Enchanted Forest Vintage Button Swivel Clips – Pick up/Meet up: 8.00 each

Shipping/Mailing Price: 11.00 each

Aqua Ocean Vintage Button Swivel Clips – Pick up/Meet up Price: 8.00

Shipping/Mailing Price: 11.00 each


Vintage Button “Post” Earrings!

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These Vintage Button Earrings are bursting with color and design! Orange, Blue, Red, Gold, Silver, White, Smoky Mother of Pearl, Black, Burgundy, Dyed and Carved Mother of Pearl…very charming!

Grab a pair…or two…

Some close up shots so you can see the moulding, sculpture and shapes!

*Be sure to comment on any that you see, and I’ll let you know the availability!*

Vintage Button “Post” Earrings Pick up/Meet up Price: 12.50/pair

Shipping/Mailing Price: 18.50



Glitter…I love it…I play with it…I use it in my projects and crafts! It is fun, beautiful, sparkly! What’s not to like???? I use glitter on some of my button creations too!

Do you love glitter? What are some ways that you use it? Please share if you like!

Prickly Tree!


This creation is fifth in the Abstract Button Tree series! I just love the rich Turquoise background, and it is textured too!

This “spiky tree” is loaded with all shades and sizes of green vintage buttons, giving it vibrant colors!

Size: 15″ x 15″

Advice From A Tree: *Stand tall and proud; *Go out on a limb; *Remember your roots; *Drink plenty of water; *Be content with your natural beauty; *Enjoy the view…..Joanne Raptis

Price: 34.50

Blue Fan Tree!

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#4 in my Abstract Button Tree series. Touches of Aqua, Marbled Aqua and Mother of Pearl Buttons make this tree stand out!

Size: 8″ x 10″

It is pictured here with the other art pieces in the series.
Each one stands alone, or work well together.

Price: 28.50

Wood Tree!

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Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice. Henry Ford

I am so excited about this Button canvas piece! The first picture is in regular light, and the second one is a flash shot.
I love the marbled background, using aqua, green and pink paint. The wood buttons, along with wooden gears and sprockets, used as leaves and blooms, add a certain old world charm and whimsy, with just a touch of golden Mother of Pearl, and a carved geometric printed Mother of Pearl button too.

Size: 11″ x 14″

Price: 40.00