Plastic Knot Button Rings!


These rings just might be the cutest ever!

The colors pop, and they would be great for Easter Baskets, Party Favors, Group Gifts, etc.

They’re made with durable plastic lacing. Very cool for summertime fun!

Ring size: 7 & 8. *Can make any size!

Plastic Knot Button Rings – Meet up/Pick up Price: 3.00 each

***Before you order, in the comment section, ask what colors are available, and your choices, and then you can place your order!***

Shipping/Mailing Price: 5.00 each

The Complete Abstract Button Tree Series!


This series has been a two month journey! Each creation is so special!

From left to right:
Sun Button Tree, 8″×10″;  Grass Tree, 12″×12″;  The Weaving Tree, 16″×16″;  Blue Fan Tree, 8″×10″;  Prickly Tree, 15″×15″;  Pink Blooms, 7″×14″;  Indigo Button Tree, 8″×10″

**You can scroll through this website, and see each creation separately too!

Each of these pieces can stand alone or all together!

This is exciting, because it is my very first series to work on and complete! 🌳🌲🌴🍃🍂🍀🌿

Abstract Button Tree Series – Pick up/Meet up Price: 200.00 

Shipping/Mailing Price: ******Please contact me in the comment section, and we’ll work out the details.******


Indigo Button Tree


Am I blue??

Not at all, since I have “Indigo Button Tree” to enjoy! The beautiful rich blue vintage button buds will definitely keep you very happy!

This piece is the seventh and final creation in the Abstract Button Tree Series!

I applied dyed Mother of Pearl, China Stencil, and Molded Plastic Buttons on this unique canvas.

“During the darkest indigo midnight, yet will countless stars blossom.”
–Dr. SunWolf

Size: 8″ x 10″

Indigo Button Tree – Meet up/Pick up Price: 34.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 39.50

Vintage Buttons 101…

May I share another interesting fact regarding Vintage Buttons?

image image 

Just look at this beautiful blue vintage button. If you’ll notice, both sides are incredible! The molded design is pretty on both sides. That is something that you don’t find today, so it might even be hard for you to choose which side of this button that you actually want to use on your clothing, or project. So, as I’ve said before…the colors pop, and the designs and molding are amazing!

Thanks for allowing me share. I was looking at this button for my next project and couldn’t help but think about that, so I just stopped and snapped a couple of pictures! 🙂

Antique and Vintage Button Beauty!


Oh…the simple beauty of Vintage and Antique buttons…especially when they are sitting on a gorgeous Turkish tile! I picked up four of these neat tiles on one of my trips to Istanbul!

Silver, Bakelite, Mother of Pearl, Copper, Molded Plastic, Abalone, Hand Painted Wood, Hand Painted Glass, a silver one that looks like a film roll (thought of you, Melissa Jeanene), and stenciled China Buttons.

They are all miniature masterpieces!

40 Years of Reflection!

ty and i

As Ty and I are in our 40 Years of Marriage Celebration time, (June 6, but hey, we are dragging it out), I have been doing some reflecting, and thought, I’d share. **For the very few who will actually read this all the way through, just know that my heart is heavy, and I really feel led to pour out my “self”, and for once, actually have the time to sit down and do it. I have a lot of friends and family who are going through changes, and struggles, and hardships, and thought this just might help someone.

I’m going to be real, because I want to help anyone reading this, who is going through changes, complete changes, different seasons, moving somewhere totally different, and if nothing else, you’ll know that I do understand. Life is NOT just a bowl of cherries, which sometimes is portrayed on Social Media, etc.

When I met Ty, I was a junior in High School. He was already out of High School and had served in the Marines, and had been in and out of trouble with drug use. He is right at 6 years older than me. He came with friends to our Mission Church, where my dad was the minister. He made a decision to follow Christ, and changed his life around. And…here we are…some 43 or so years later…

I married a man called into the ministry when I was 18 years old. We spent 12 1/2 years of our lives either preparing in Bible College, or in actual church ministry, in two churches, in Wichita Falls, TX and Pueblo, CO, with Ty as pastor. Then, our lives took a HUGE turn. Ty and I had prayed for about a year, and he felt that he could minister outside of his specific calling, and felt led to move on to another career choice. We moved back to Texas (from Colorado, where we were at that time), and Ty worked for a vending company owned by friends from church, and relatives of friends Ty had worked for during college – Harry Seif, (Regal Vending, with Rex, Liz, Mike and Darla Darla Trull at the helm, for many years (11 at least). They were amazing to work for, and he felt blessed. During that time, he worked all over Dallas/Ft. Worth, and ministered to so many people. I worked for Baylor Homecare as an Office Manager, with Kari Hickman at the helm, who I loved dearly, and still do, and is amazing at everything she does.

Ty had always felt that he would love to travel, and loved driving, and considered over the road truck driving. We went to a few meetings, and with both children graduated from high school and in college, he went to Truck Driving School. My company, Baylor HomeCare, was closing, due to Medicare guidelines, and so it seemed a perfect time to change directions. Our daughter, Jessica, had told me about a job opening at the university where she was attending.

We moved to Arkadelphia, AR, where Jessica was in college, and while Ty drove over the road, I worked in the Admissions Office at Ouachita Baptist University, where Rebecca Jones and David Goodman were at the helm, and I can’t say enough about how wonderful they were and are. Ty had a real ministry with truck drivers and still does. I loved working with the students, and counselors, and learned so much from them, not to mention being close to our daughter and future son in law.

We loved the Dallas area, and our kids lived there or close by, and Ty realized that he could transfer to a different truck lines, so we moved to the Dallas area, and have been here ever since.

Ty has continued in Trucking, and I worked for over 10 years as an Avon District Sales Manager, and Church Secretary at Ovilla Road Baptist Church for 3 1/2 years. We loved our church, and served there for many years.

I was in a horrible-life changing car accident a little over 2 years ago, and 5 surgeries later, am still healing, and facing more surgeries. My life has drastically changed, from being very, very busy, to actually being able to stop and smell the roses once in a while!

We have lived in Waxahachie for a long time, and love our home, new church, and our wonderful family and friends. Ty is a local truck driver now for Timco, here in Waxahachie.

There have been times in these 40 years that we have wanted to strangle each other, leave each other,  cried with each other, been furious with each other, had our hearts broken, been blessed beyond measure, sought comfort with each other, ran into each other’s arms, and prayed together.

We have ten grandchildren (notice I started with them- ha!), two children, who we can’t talk about enough, and love so much, Jessica and Aaron, and two amazing, wonderful and awesome children in law, Doug and Jill. Wow! So blessed.

One constant, and one never changing detail of our marriage was and is the Lord. Oh, how He has seen us through, sharpened us, taught us, restored us, used us, disciplined us, molded us, had patience with us, and I could go on and on, and there’s still more to come…

Lamentations 3:22-23

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; His mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Pink Rodeo!


This Cowgirl Button Boot is a mix of Pink, Smoky Gray and Silver! It has lots of bling, for sure!

A must for every cowgirl!

It’s “loaded” with pink and clear Swarovski crystals! And surrounded by rhinestones! So sparkly!

The background is a pretty shade of Green Tea!

Size: 11 3/4″ x 11 3/4″

Pink Rodeo – Meet up or Pick up Price: 43.50 

Mailing/Shipping Price: 55.00

The Beauty of Mother of Pearl!

image image

I have been asked many times regarding my excitement over Mother of Pearl. I picked up some vintage buttons recently, and this was just a sampling of what was in the grouping, and I could feel my heart beating faster and faster and faster, as I pulled these out, which may seem crazy to some, (ha), but I decided to put them on my mom’s old china platter and take some pictures to show you the design, the colors – some have been dyed, such as the aqua and pink ones, the intricate patterns, the sculpting, and the carving. Some of you have experienced the way that Mother of Pearl feels between your fingers, if you put it up to your face, but it’s an extremely cool feel, and you always know that you have an authentic Mother of Pearl piece, if it feels cold to the touch. Also, if you turn it around you can see part of the shell still there that’s been filed down…so, thank you for bearing with me “once again” as I show you the beauty of these Mother of Pearl buttons, and buckles. I love the iridescent colors.

Here is the definition of Mother of Pearl: the hard, pearly internal layer of certain marine shells, as of the pearl oyster or abalone, which is used in the arts, in making of pearl buttons, etc.