Flights of Fancy Button Statement Necklace!

Up Up and Away!
–by Jimmy Webb
*Sung by The 5th Dimension

Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?
Would you like to glide in my beautiful balloon?
We could float among the stars together, you and I…

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Very pretty crystals, turquoise and red buttons, along with hot air balloon charms decorate this 16″ silver double link chain w/3″ extender, but the Antique Carved and Molded Red Celluloid Button Pendant deserves the applause in this creation!

Meet up/Pick up Price: 29.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 32.50

Bobby Pin Vintage Button Necklace!


Hold on to your hats, because these aren’t your grandma’s bobby pins!

This awesome Button Bobby Pin Necklace is made with faux Tortoise Shell bobby pins, and the pendant is a beautiful Antique Smoky mother of pearl, along with two Antique Square Mother of Pearl buttons, to add shine and sparkle. The 16″ chain is brushed brass with a 3-inch extender.

I snapped two different views of this creation so that you could see the colors in the Mother of Pearl pendant, as well as the Tortoise Shell Bobby Pins. If you look at the Mother of Pearl pendant, you can see the different colors and how they pop – the greens, blues, golds…it truly is amazing.

Pick up/Meet up Price: 22.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 28.50

“Copper Button Sunshine” Mosaic Tray

image image

“Copper Button Sunshine” Mosaic Tray

The vintage buttons used in this tray are very special. The rays of the Sun are made with gold, orange, yellow, and aqua/turquoise buttons. There are a lot of different textures and designs, which make the grout look extra amazing, because you can actually see the outline of some of the intricate parts of each button.
Size: 6 1/4″×13 1/2″

“A Day Without Sunshine Is Like, You Know, Night.” –Steve Martin

Pick up/Meet up Price: 35.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 45.50

“Charm”ing Bottle Cap Button Necklaces!

image image image

Colorful suede cord compliment these button caps!
These are just a few of the designs!

Size: 24-26″ *These fit real well over your head.
They are $12.50 each, and if you purchase three or more, they are $10 each. Great gifts for any occasion!
The necklaces with charms added to the bottom of the bottle cap are $14.50 each, and if three or more are purchased, they are $12 each.

****If you are interested in these, please send me a message, and I’ll let you know how many I have on hand.*****

**Let me know if you want three or more. I will direct you to a different location for that payment!**

Meet up/Pick up Price  *without bottom charm: 10.00

Mail/Shipping Price *without bottom charm: 13.00

Meet up/Pick up Price *with bottom charm: 14.50

Mail/Shipping Price *With Bottom Charm: 17.50

To Succeed More, Fail More…


Ty and I record Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist, Dallas, and try to watch it when we can. It is usually a packed 30 minutes! ****This is rather long, but really, really wonderful!

Earlier, we watched a recording, and it was all about God’s wisdom being different from man’s wisdom. God wants us to experience success in all areas of our lives.

**These were my notes, so forgive me if I seem to ramble, but this is definitely worth a glance, and maybe a note or two.**

The title of his message was: “To succeed more, fail more.”

Thomas Edison said, “Most of life’s failures are people who didn’t realize how close they were to success before they gave up.”
The difference between a successful and unsuccessful person is…..PERSISTENCE.

Persistence – the courage to continue pursuing your dream in spite of unexpected setbacks, undeserved criticism and unrelenting hard work.

The word persistence in the Bible is usually worded as “diligence”. Proverbs 10:4 & 5; Proverbs 21:25-26

The hand of the diligent will rule, but the slack hand will be put to forced labor. Proverbs 12:24

How do we develop persistence in our life?

Six Keys to Developing Persistence:

1.) Understand the value of Persistence…
God has endowed each of us with what we need to be successful.
2.) Let go of the past…
**When at the age of 83, Frank Lloyd Wright, was asked, “What is your greatest achievement?” He replied, “The next one.”
Look forward – not backwards.
Refuse to look back on past failures. Let go of them!
“Yesterday ended last night.” -Anonymous

Celebrate your accomplishments. Celebration brings closure to past successes, so you can move forward.
3.) Learn the importance of beginning.
Proverbs 26:13, 14
Begin doing something!
Harvard Psychologist, Jerome Bruner, said this:
“You’re more likely to act yourself into a feeling than feel yourself into an action.”

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – anonymous
4.) Anticipate Setbacks
Thomas J. Watson, founder of IBM said: “The way to succeed is to DOUBLE your failure rate.”
The more times you try something, the more times you’ll fail, BUT, the more you’ll succeed as well.

Watson was echoing what Solomon said thousands of years before…Ecclesiastes 11:1
5.) Expect to work hard!
Proverbs 19:24
Successful people understand that they will have to work hard.
6.)Persist in the right goals.
Ecclesiastes 12:1 – Remember your Creator in the days of your youth…

This scripture verse is on our daughter, Jessica ‘s birth certificate, and was a theme one year at our Vacation Bible School when she was a little girl.

Let me know what you think about this post. I would love your feedback. I just couldn’t write fast enough.

Zipped Up Button Brooches!


You won’t want to “zip it” with these Zipped Up Button Brooches! They are too fun to talk about!

Very colorful, and guaranteed to start a conversation!!

Zipped Up Button Brooches – Multi – Meet up/Pick up Price: 7.50 each

Zipped Up Button Brooches – Multi – Shipping/Mailing Price: 10.00 each

Zipped Up Button Brooches – Yellow – Meet up/Pick up Price: 7.50 each

Zipped Up Button Brooches – Yellow – Shipping/Mailing Price: 10.00 each


Vintage Button Bouquet Pins!


I’m really excited about these vintage brooches! They are a mixture of amazing vintage and antique buttons! So much sparkle, texture and design on each one! Great for mom with Mother’s Day around the corner!!!!

I’ll be making more of these, but just HAD to share!

Price: $20 each


Vintage Bouquet – 5 1/2″



Crescent Rhinestones – Almost 5″ – Vintage velvet ribbon too!

*These are all one-of-a-kind vintage/antique buttons!

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
—Albert Einstein