Button, Button, who’s got the button?

Pearl Buttons

There’s just something about buttons that appeals to each of us, or at least the child in each of us! How many of us have played with our grandma’s buttons, or in my case, my mom’s buttons (in her old, black Singer sewing machine table’s drawer, where she had them stored).

There are many of us who are just unable to pass up browsing buttons everywhere we go! They beckon out to us just as the energetic street market vendor I met in Istanbul – I couldn’t pass up his booth, because he would sing, shout, smile or offer me a sample – and before you knew it, there I was at his booth sorting through his goods! You might call us “Buttonholics”!

Have you heard the phrase “cute as a button”? Boy, whoever thought up that phrase knew what they were talking about – buttons are fun little works of art, as you’ve heard me say time and time again! And, guess what? You are probably wearing at least one on every outfit! Buttons have been a fashion staple and statement for centuries. The word button comes from an old French term, bouton, which means bud or knob.

So, I guess, each one of us has the button after all!

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