Button Storage


Button storage . . . very important. The buttons I’m showing in this post were NOT stored properly. I picked up a batch of buttons at a flea market about 6 months ago that were stored in an old plastic candy container with a tight lid. I’m sure the lid hadn’t been opened in – well – could have been years.

I’m just showing a few of the ruined buttons in the container. The white button on the upper left of the heart, has had a button melt into it, and can’t be cleaned; the red button under it crumbled and broke from being in a hot, tightly covered container; the orange button, as you can see, had another button melt into it, and there isn’t anything that can be done about that; the beautiful, or what would have been beautiful grey Mother of pearl button has had a white “chalky” substance melt on it, and can’t be washed or scraped off; and the pretty golden yellow vintage plastic button melted and is almost an oval shape now; and finally, the clear, vintage acrylic button has also had a button melt on it, and the dirty looking brown substance, can’t be cleaned off.

For me, it doesn’t matter if I store buttons in containers with closed off lids, because I open those containers all the time. But, if they are going to sit for years, without the lid being opened, put them in open containers that allow your buttons to breathe. And, please don’t store them in a hot place, that isn’t ventilated.

Remember, these buttons are made of different materials –┬áplastic, acrylic, shell, wood, metal, etc., and they will all “mesh” together if not properly stored.

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