Miniature Mosaic Button Pendants!




Miniature Mosaic Button Pendants…

These tiny works of art may be small, but they are packed with a punch!

Seaside is SOLD.

Arboretum is SOLD.

Above Middle Green Image – left – Arboretum – A bird is perched on a tree, with flowers around, and the sun’s rays peeking through!
Right: Blooms – Pretty resin flowers scattered about, under the blue sky, and a bird stops by to check them out!
Bottom left – Seaside – Sand, shells, water, palm tree, sun and sky are all part of being at the ocean!   *SOLD*
Right: Lime Squeeze – I love the way the glass is striped, and just lends itself to a slice of lime!

Above Blue Left – Cherry Tree – Brown sparkled glass, flowers, underneath a pretty cherry tree, with polymer clay cherries, a bird in her nest, and a beautiful blue sky! **You definitely won’t want to chop down this cherry tree!!!**
Middle – Vibrant Swirl – a spiral of colorful iridescent rhinestones, bugle and seed beads, buttons, resin flowers, and glass beads.
Right – Hearts & Flowers – An owl has just come out of his hole in the tree to check out the day, and the tree is blooming, there are silver flowers and hearts all around, and the sky is shining!

Using lots of mixed media in these pieces, such as silver birds and owls, seed and bugle beads, Mother of Pearl shards, polymer clay items, resin flowers, glass, and tiny buttons, make these creations pop!

Each one stands alone, tells a story or paints a picture!

Size: Rectangle Pendants – 1 1/4″ x 2″
Circle Pendants – 2″ around
Deep Circle Pendants – 1 1/2″ around

Each Mosaic pendant will include a 24″ suede leather cord.

Pick up/Delivery Price: 24.50 each

Mailing/Shipping Price: 29.50


College Inspired Button Creations!


College Spirit!

I just delivered this College inspired Button ornament to a customer, and it is personalized with an initial too!

This is Oklahoma State’s colors…orange and black, and is going to be a housewarming gift to a friend.

I love my customer’s imaginations and the unique orders I receive!

Please comment with any of your ideas for a school/university/college idea! We’ll brainstorm and make it happen!


“Art Deco” Vintage Button Bracelet

image image

“Art Deco” Vintage Button Design…

Art Deco began in Paris in the 1920s and continued internationally throughout the 1930s.

Simple lines, geometrical shapes, and streamline style are celebrated in this creation.

These vintage buttons are gorgeous with metal and wood inlay, and packed with design. Seed beads in golds, tans and white bring this stretch bracelet together.

Size: Fits wrist size 7″-8 1/2″

Delivery/Pick up Price: 35.00

Mailing/Shipping Price: 41.00

New Vintage/Antique Button Stretch Bracelets!

image image image
These Vintage Button Bracelets are really special! The vintage and antique buttons are a glimpse into the past, and so rich in design, color and texture! I have also used beautiful seed beads in these creations!
Iridescent Mother of Pearl, Bakelite, Rhinestones, Colored Rhinestones, Glass, Faceted Glass, Molded Plastic, Wood, Beads, and more!

I have some close up images above, but if you’d like to see a certain bracelet, just let me know!

Size: 7″-8 1/2″    ** If you have a smaller or larger wrist, comment, because there are a few smaller and larger bracelets, and I can also make custom bracelets just for you!!!

Pick up/Delivery Price: 30.00 each

Mailing/Shipping Price: 36.00 each

Vintage Button Hardware Collection Rings & Hairclips



🔩◾◽🔵🔶Vintage Button Hardware…

From Washers and Hex Nuts…to Rings and Hair Clips!!

Exquisite vintage buttons…Mother of Pearl, in amazing shapes and designs, filigree, wood, pearl, glass, and more! Lots of color choices!

Rings are silver and adjustable; Hair Clips are also silver, and very strong and durable!

Pick up/Delivery Price: 7.50 each. Mix or Match
*5 for $35.00

***White Heart ring – SOLD**
***Hot Pink ring – SOLD**

Shipping/Mailing Price: 12.50 each

Pick up/Delivery Price – 5 for 35.00

Shipping/Mailing Price – 5 for 42.00

Vintage/Antique Button Rings

image image image

The Button Woman’s Spring 2016 Vintage/Antique Button Ring Collection…

Antique Cloth, Mother of Pearl, Carved Mother of Pearl, Smoky Pearl, Bakelite, Celluloid, Glass, Resin, Ceramic, Dyed Mother of Pearl, Rhinestone, Metal and more round out this colorful collection!

These adjustable rings make wonderful gifts, and perfect for spring fashion!  Silver Metal

**Delivery/Pick up Price: 15.00 each

Mailing/Shipping Price: 20.00

**Buy five or more rings…10.00 each

Mailing/Shipping Price: 23.00




Steampunk Vintage Button Style in Mixed Metals!

image  image     image   image

Top Left – Floral Fancy – Steampunk Brass Cog, Brass Floral Button, Gemstone Floral Charm, Gold Chain – Size: 28″
Middle –  Turquoise Filigree – Steampunk Copper Gear – Vintage Brass Metal Button, Turquoise Flower, Beaded Turquoise Ball, Brass Ball Chain – Size: 18″

Right – Pearl Star – Vintage Mother of Pearl Button, Vintage Mother of Pearl Carved Star Button, Steampunk Brass Gear, Brass Disc charms, Leather, Brass chain, Beaded Braided Cording, Size: 34″

Bottom Left – Ancient Elephant – Vintage Mother of Pearl Button, Decoupaged Bottle Cap, Black Braided Cord – Size: 20″

Right – Rhinestone Key – Key charms, Vintage Mother of Pearl Button, Antique Silver Key, Antique Rhinestones Dangle, Iridescent Rhinestones, Black Cord – Size: 17″

Various chains, cords, vintage/antique buttons, steampunk cogs and gears, charms, vintage keys, and more, have come together to bring a selection of creative pieces for your enjoyment!

Pick up/Delivery Price: 24.50 each

Shipping/Mailing Price: 30.50


Vertical Stacked Elastic Button Bracelets…

image image image image

These fun bracelets are so popular and full of color and sparkle! They look just like candy, but the good part is, you can wear as many of them as you like, and not worry about the calories!!!!

Beautiful vintage/new buttons and unique beads will encircle your wrist and add that special touch to your outfit! The long, narrow beads and vertically stacked buttons really add dimension to this bracelet!

Size: Fits 7″-8 1/2″ (Probably 6 1/2″ and 9″ on a few of them too.

Delivery/Pick up Price: 15.00 each

Mailing/Shipping Price: 20.00 each

Vintage Button Novelty Pens!

image image image

Vintage Camper design – *Different buttons used for each pen to match Duck tape.

7 Available – Leave a comment as to which design you would like and quantity. (To check availability.)


Bowl of Cherries design – *Different buttons used for each pen to match Duck tape.

6 Available – Leave a comment as to which design you would like and quantity. (To check availability.)


Fox Forest design – *Different buttons used for each pen to match Duck tape.

5 Available – Leave a comment as to which design you would like and quantity. (To check availability.)


Peacock design – *Different buttons used for each pen to match Duck tape.

5 Available – Leave a comment as to which design you would like and quantity. (To check availability.)


**I am in the process of making more Novelty Pens, so I’ll update quantities as they become available.**

📝📂Need help “crunching the numbers” with your taxes?
✒📊Need help keeping track of the election results? (Well…)
📒📔Need a new journaling pen?
📚📓These decorative pens will definitely make taking notes MUCH MORE FUN!!!

Super cool gifts! These don’t ever last long!

All of these Button Novelty Pens have Mother of Pearl and/or Smoky Pearl Buttons!

🌳🍒In the “Retro Camper”; “Fox Forest”; “Peacock”; “Bowl of Cherries” Designs. (As shown above.)

Pick up/Delivery Price: 4.00 each

*Leave me a comment if you’d like them mailed, and we’ll work out the shipping price.*



Vintage/Antique Button Stretch Bracelets…


New vintage and antique button bracelets…what’s your fancy?
Big and bold?
Pretty jewels?
Lots of shimmer?
Design and texture?

Well, look no further…

“Life is too short to wear boring jewelry.”


Left to right (First two images) – Glass Flower – all of these vintage and antique buttons are glass. Absolutely stunning!
Right – Rare Jewels – Every single button in this bracelet is a masterpiece! Glass, rhinestones, etc.


Left to right (First two images) – Vintage Flower – The buttons in this bracelet are so unique, and the textures and design are off the charts!
Right (Last two images) – Ocean Blooms – These Mother of Pearl and Smoky Pearl Vintage Buttons are absolutely amazing! One is carved into a star pattern too!


Antique Web – I’ve wanted to share this antique spider web button for quite some time! The design and dimensions are so cool! This bracelet has a little bit of everything!

Strong elastic – size – fits 7″-8 1/2″

Pick up/Delivery Price:  30.00

Shipping/Mailing Price: 36.00

**Just comment which bracelet/bracelets you would like in the comments, and you can pay for them when checking out.**