Cosmic Creation Series


My third Vintage/Antique Button Series…Cosmic Creation Series, very exciting!

Left Bottom – “Solar Galaxy” – 8″x 8″ – 22.50

Top – “Milky Way Mystery” – 7 3/4″ x 16″ – 24.50

Bottom Right – “Cartwheel Galaxy” – 9 3/4″ x 9 3/4″ – 27.50

The vintage and antique buttons used in these creations are “out of this world”.

Price: Set of three: 70.00

Solar Galaxy – Pick up/Meet up price – 22.50

Solar Galaxy – Shipping/Mailing price – 30.50

Milky Way Mystery – Pick up/Meet up price – 24.50

Milky Way Mystery – Shipping/Mailing price – 32.50

Cartwheel Galaxy – Pick up/Meet up price – 27.50

Cartwheel Galaxy – Shipping/Mailing price – 35.50

Cosmic Creation Series – Pick up/Meet up price – 70.00

Cosmic Creation Series – Shipping/Mailing price – 80.00


Monet’s Garden!


My second series…

Monet’s Garden!
These button creations were inspired by photos we took in Giverny, France, when visiting Claude Monet’s home and gardens.

From Left to right:
Orange Poppy Grandeur – 12″x12″ – 55.00
Canterbury Bells Splendor – 14″x18″ – 65.00
Water Garden – 16″x12″ – 70.00
Pink Starburst – 12″x16″ – 65.00
Ornamental Poppy Pleasure – 11″x14″ – 70.00

Price: 260.00/set of 5 Canvas Creations

Orange Poppy Grandeur – Pick up/Meet up price: 55.00

Orange Poppy Grandeur – Mailing/Shipping price: 65.00

Canterbury Bells Splendor – Pick up/Meet up price: 65.00

Canterbury Bells Splendor – Mailing/Shipping price: 75.00

Water Garden – Pick up/Meet up price: 70.00

Water Garden – Mailing/Shipping price: 8000

Pink Starburst – Pick up/Meet up price: 65.00

Pink Starburst – Mailing/Shipping price: 75.00

Ornamental Poppy Pleasure – Pick up/Meet up price: 60.00

Ornamental Poppy Pleasure – Mailing/Shipping price: 70.00

Monet’s Garden Set of 5 –  Pick up/Meet up price – 300.00

Monet’s Garden Set of 5 – Mailing/Shipping price – 320.00

The vintage and antique buttons used in this series are “off the charts” – just amazing!

Vintage Button Adornments!

image image image  image

Set of four Mother of Pearl Vintage Button Adornments…

Smooth and Shiny Mother of Pearl Buttons, Abalone, Sculpted Mother of Pearl, Vintage Molded Buttons, on a Metal Snowflake backdrop…so special!

**Most of these unique Vintage and antique buttons come from France, and have so much design!

Great exchange gifts, stocking stuffers, and more!!

Cinnamon Pearl, Aquamarine Pearl, Abalone Pearl, Day & Night Pearl…

Pick up/Meet up Price: Set of 4: 55.00

Mailing/Shipping Price: 63.00

Pick up/Meet up Price: Each: 15.00

Mailing/Meet up Price: Each: 19.00

Fit for a King…or Queen!



Fit for a King…or Queen!

A beautiful iridescent button crown on Burlap? Yes, please!!

The vintage and antique buttons in this piece are definitely small works of art! The sculpted Mother of Pearl Buttons are exquisite, and the glass and metal buttons are just gorgeous!

This glimmering crown is sure to brighten up the day for your King or Queen!


Meet up/Pick up price: 65.00

Shipping/Mailing price: 75.00


“Teachers Rule” Necklace

image image

Got a teacher in your life? This would make a very cute gift idea! This is one of my Domino Button Necklaces, and this cute little “ruler” button is sitting on a sparkly, glittered, modern-southwestern design, with a cute green 18″ chain.

“Teachers Rule” Necklace

**I have several Domino Button Necklaces, so leave a message in the comment section if you’d like to see other designs!

Price: 10.00 each

Butterfly Button Map Magnetic Message Center


This metal vintage/antique button magnetic message center is an Ethnographic Map of the Balkan Peninsula, by Jovan Cvijic (1865-1927), who was a Serbian geographer, and is considered the founder of Geography in Serbia.

The word Balkan is Turkish and means ‘mountain’.

This creation is amazing. There is a beautiful butterfly welded to it (for all you butterfly lovers).

I have chosen and adhered some beautiful vintage and antique buttons in this piece. If you look, you’ll see a gorgeous antique anchor button in the Ionian Sea, which is an elongated embayment of the Mediterranean Sea, south of the Adriatic Sea.
*I am including 2 exquisite stacked magnets with this piece.

This is a bigger metal hanger – which is wonderful for notes, memos, keeping you right on track! It measures 10 1/2″ x 15 3/4″.

Price: 32.50

Rise and Shine Magnetic Vintage Button Message Board/Jewelry/Keys Organizer


This beautiful, rich green, trimmed in gold, rooster magnetic message center is something to really “crow” about! The gold trim inspired the beautiful vintage gold buttons, and there are two longer buttons with rhinestones for hanging keys or jewelry, and it really adds the bling!

It comes with a Button magnet too!

Size: 8″ x 11″

Price: 14.50