Colorful Wooden Steampunk Vintage Button Bottle Cap Magnet Sets…


Steampunk? Vintage Buttons? Bottle Caps? Be still my heart…

Sets of four…rhinestones, Vintage carved Mother of Pearl, Vintage Glass Buttons, Metal, and more!

From left to right:

Wild Steampunk, Turquoise Cogs, Purple Heart, Slice of Lemon, Pink Passion, Denver Broncos

Great gifts for co-workers, teachers, anyone!! 💖💙❤💛💜

*All of the sets are available, so if ordering by the set, please comment which set or sets you would like. I will have it set up to pay per set, or for all six sets.*

Pick up/Delivery Price: 12.50, set of four OR
All SIX sets of four: $70 (Save $5)

Shipping/Mailing Price: 17.50 OR ALL SIX sets of four: $78

Nesting Feathers


He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge.
—Psalm 91:4

This mixed media creation combines many found objects, buttons, specialty glitter, beads, and more! All against an antique white background.

Size: 11″×14″

Pick up/Delivery Price: 46.50

Mailing/Shipping Price: 53.50

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Mosaic Vintage Button Magnets!


These mosaic scenes have amazing vintage buttons, glass, beads, charms, rhinestones and more!

Top…Sun’s Rays
Left…Hoot Owl
Right…Reflective Angel
Bottom…Butterfly Garden

1 1/2″ silver deep bezels attached to vintage buttons
Super strong magnet

Price: 12.50 each OR…All four magnets for $45.00 (Save $5)

Pick up/Delivery Price: $12.50 each

Shipping/Mailing Price: $16.50 each

Pick up/Delivery Price: All four magnets: $45.00

Shipping/Mailing Price: All four magnets: 52.00


Bobby Pin Vintage Button Necklace!


Hold on to your hats, because these aren’t your grandma’s bobby pins!

This awesome Button Bobby Pin Necklace is made with faux Tortoise Shell bobby pins, and the pendant is a beautiful Antique Smoky mother of pearl, along with two Antique Square Mother of Pearl buttons, to add shine and sparkle. The 16″ chain is brushed brass with a 3-inch extender.

I snapped two different views of this creation so that you could see the colors in the Mother of Pearl pendant, as well as the Tortoise Shell Bobby Pins. If you look at the Mother of Pearl pendant, you can see the different colors and how they pop – the greens, blues, golds…it truly is amazing.

Pick up/Meet up Price: 22.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 28.50

“Copper Button Sunshine” Mosaic Tray

image image

“Copper Button Sunshine” Mosaic Tray

The vintage buttons used in this tray are very special. The rays of the Sun are made with gold, orange, yellow, and aqua/turquoise buttons. There are a lot of different textures and designs, which make the grout look extra amazing, because you can actually see the outline of some of the intricate parts of each button.
Size: 6 1/4″×13 1/2″

“A Day Without Sunshine Is Like, You Know, Night.” –Steve Martin

Pick up/Meet up Price: 35.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 45.50

“Charm”ing Bottle Cap Button Necklaces!

image image image

Colorful suede cord compliment these button caps!
These are just a few of the designs!

Size: 24-26″ *These fit real well over your head.
They are $12.50 each, and if you purchase three or more, they are $10 each. Great gifts for any occasion!
The necklaces with charms added to the bottom of the bottle cap are $14.50 each, and if three or more are purchased, they are $12 each.

****If you are interested in these, please send me a message, and I’ll let you know how many I have on hand.*****

**Let me know if you want three or more. I will direct you to a different location for that payment!**

Meet up/Pick up Price  *without bottom charm: 10.00

Mail/Shipping Price *without bottom charm: 13.00

Meet up/Pick up Price *with bottom charm: 14.50

Mail/Shipping Price *With Bottom Charm: 17.50

Zipped Up Button Brooches!


You won’t want to “zip it” with these Zipped Up Button Brooches! They are too fun to talk about!

Very colorful, and guaranteed to start a conversation!!

Zipped Up Button Brooches – Multi – Meet up/Pick up Price: 7.50 each

Zipped Up Button Brooches – Multi – Shipping/Mailing Price: 10.00 each

Zipped Up Button Brooches – Yellow – Meet up/Pick up Price: 7.50 each

Zipped Up Button Brooches – Yellow – Shipping/Mailing Price: 10.00 each


Pink Rodeo!


This Cowgirl Button Boot is a mix of Pink, Smoky Gray and Silver! It has lots of bling, for sure!

A must for every cowgirl!

It’s “loaded” with pink and clear Swarovski crystals! And surrounded by rhinestones! So sparkly!

The background is a pretty shade of Green Tea!

Size: 11 3/4″ x 11 3/4″

Pink Rodeo – Meet up or Pick up Price: 43.50 

Mailing/Shipping Price: 55.00

The Beauty of Mother of Pearl!

image image

I have been asked many times regarding my excitement over Mother of Pearl. I picked up some vintage buttons recently, and this was just a sampling of what was in the grouping, and I could feel my heart beating faster and faster and faster, as I pulled these out, which may seem crazy to some, (ha), but I decided to put them on my mom’s old china platter and take some pictures to show you the design, the colors – some have been dyed, such as the aqua and pink ones, the intricate patterns, the sculpting, and the carving. Some of you have experienced the way that Mother of Pearl feels between your fingers, if you put it up to your face, but it’s an extremely cool feel, and you always know that you have an authentic Mother of Pearl piece, if it feels cold to the touch. Also, if you turn it around you can see part of the shell still there that’s been filed down…so, thank you for bearing with me “once again” as I show you the beauty of these Mother of Pearl buttons, and buckles. I love the iridescent colors.

Here is the definition of Mother of Pearl: the hard, pearly internal layer of certain marine shells, as of the pearl oyster or abalone, which is used in the arts, in making of pearl buttons, etc.

Antique Mother of Pearl Whistle Buttons!

A whistle button is a very unique button. It has one hole on the face of the button, and two or more holes on the back. What makes these buttons special is that when you thread them, the thread will not show from the front, so it is protected from wear and tear, snagging, etc.

The first picture shows the front, and the second picture shows the back of the button.image image