Colorful Brew!


☕That special aroma…there’s nothing like it! That first cup of the day…a cup for mom…that special cup with a friend…or with the love of your life…

This amazing brew is colorful and sparkly! Lots of rhinestones and bright seed beads, beautiful vintage and antique gray buttons, and the vintage multicolored button flowers splashed on the pot really catch your eye!

I have used an assortment of vintage and antique buttons, such as smoky mother of pearl, bakelite, metal, celluloid, molded vintage plastic, vintage glass, and more!

The vintage coffee pot was painted a pewter gray, and the background is a mixture of King’s Gold and Tropic Orange.

Size: 12″x16″

Pick up or Delivery Regular Price: 47.50

Shipping or Mailing Price:  56.00

“Star Bright” Antique Silver Collage Button Platter


“The brightest stars are those who shine for the benefit of others.”

This star adorned platter is filled with the most beautiful and iridescent Antique Mother of Pearl buttons you can imagine! Dyed, Carved, Shaped, Small and Large, as well as Antique Plastic Faceted Buttons, that just seem to sparkle! There are also crystals and rhinestones added to enhance the gleam of this creation! However it is turned, the shimmering buttons do their job!

It comes with three round felt tips on the base of the platter, so you can set it just about anywhere!

Size: 12″ around

Pick up/Delivery Price: 46.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 59.50

A Button Gift according to a special date/year/era!

A customer of “The Button Woman” gave me permission to share this, and it’s a tremendous idea!

**My customer’s family member purchased a house that was built in the 40’s. They are keeping things as they were at that time ( as much as possible), and my customer chose a couple of Christmas ornaments with buttons from that era to give them for Christmas!
So, think about any special dates/years in your family or friend’s lives, and message me with questions.
A year someone was born? Married? Moved into a special home built in a certain year? Graduated? ?????
I asked my customer if I could share! Love the thought behind it!

***All of the vintage buttons I work with are generally from 1920’s-1960’s, so I can let you know according

to your need.