“Charm”ing Bottle Cap Button Necklaces!

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Colorful suede cord compliment these button caps!
These are just a few of the designs!

Size: 24-26″ *These fit real well over your head.
They are $12.50 each, and if you purchase three or more, they are $10 each. Great gifts for any occasion!
The necklaces with charms added to the bottom of the bottle cap are $14.50 each, and if three or more are purchased, they are $12 each.

****If you are interested in these, please send me a message, and I’ll let you know how many I have on hand.*****

**Let me know if you want three or more. I will direct you to a different location for that payment!**

Meet up/Pick up Price  *without bottom charm: 10.00

Mail/Shipping Price *without bottom charm: 13.00

Meet up/Pick up Price *with bottom charm: 14.50

Mail/Shipping Price *With Bottom Charm: 17.50