Solar Galaxy!!


Say hello to the first piece in my COSMIC CREATION SERIES!

This 8″×8″ canvas houses the Vintage/Antique “Button” Solar System, complete with Midnight Sparkle Glitter, Black, Gray and Gold Rhinestones, Gold Pearls!

All of the planets are featured, along with the Asteroid Belt!

These amazing buttons are from Conflans, France!

The location of the planets are as follows:

Starting at the top:
Neptune (*this antique button is inset with bamboo.)
Top right:
Pluto (*a small, vintage button made with glitter.)
Under Pluto, is Saturn, and is a gorgeous shiny marbled gray button (ring) with matching shank button.
Middle left: Uranus (*beautiful caramel button with glitter button center.)
Moving over to the right: Mercury (*gorgeous deep blue button with cut-outs.)
Further to the right: Mars (*a unique bluish star button, with white edge. In 1993, the Mars Observer Spacecraft took a picture of Mars, and it was this color, and the white was the dust that was showing.)
In the CENTER: the Sun (a big round bronze and gold, almost houndstooth patterned button.)
Lower right: the Earth *(a smoky Mother of Pearl, swirling with iridescence.)
Under the Earth: Venus (*small brass wooden button.)
Lower left: Jupiter *(glossy, opulent orange pearl button.)
AND…the Asteroid Belt swirling around in space…

I can see this canvas in a child’s room, a library, a classroom, and it would also make a wonderful back to school teacher’s gift with many many different uses.

Meet up/Pick up Price: 22.50

Mailing/Shipping Price: 30.50