Stacked Colorful Button Magnet Sets



These stacked button magnet sets are amazing! I wanted to show you a couple of sets available, so you could see the detail of each stacked magnet! The Grey Set is full of Marbled Grey buttons, Silvery, Shimmer buttons, Sculpted, Fluted Metal buttons, Dyed Mother of Pearl; and the Vintage 1960’s Cloth Set is full of bright vivid colors – Bright White, Red, Brown Velvet, Pale Pink, Aqua, Royal Blue – these colors just pop! And, there is a close-up to see their unique style!

Other sets available: Black/Grey/Red Combo; Salmon Pink/White; Black/Slate Blue; Orange/Green; Blue/White/Yellow; Browns/Tans. These are all in sets of six. Contact me to see any of the other sets!

The magnets that are used are small and super strong! These are great gifts for just about anyone!

Price: 15.00 per set

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