Glitter…I love it…I play with it…I use it in my projects and crafts! It is fun, beautiful, sparkly! What’s not to like???? I use glitter on some of my button creations too!

Do you love glitter? What are some ways that you use it? Please share if you like!

Beautiful Button Bookmarks or Jumbo Button Clips!

What a great way to mark your favorite place in a book or hold a lot of paperwork together in one spot!

All of the buttons are big, vintage buttons. There is a beautiful mother of Pearl button, quite a few very unique colors and textures!

These measure right at 4″.

Gold metal, Aqua, Yellow, Blue or Red!

Price: 2.50 each OR three for 6.00

Sun Button Tree


This creation is the first of a series of “Abstract Button Tree” pieces I will share. I’m really excited about it! You will see the tree in a whole new light!

There are some shiny vintage mother of Pearl buttons, that are iridescent, and other unique vintage buttons in this art canvas.

Size: 8″ x 10″

Price: 27.50

Be prepared!


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” –Benjamin Franklin

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”                                                –Abraham Lincoln

Being prepared seems to be the secret to success in all areas of the spectrum. And, it can be very time consuming…but, definitely worth it!

As you can see from the above picture, I have separated buttons according to color for an upcoming craft project, and I’m still not finished!  But…how happy I’ll be when I’m ready to begin, and that part of the task is done!

This is normal for me with any undertaking, especially with my button ventures. Anything I can do ahead of time enhances the overall craft assignment. It also helps my focus.

Laying out supplies in advance saves you from mistakes and stress, and lets you know beforehand if an item is needed. There’s nothing worse than getting started, only to find out, that you have to make a run to the store, or rifle through closets, drawers, etc.

There might be times when something unforeseen happens, but because of planning, it is doable.

Any job very well done that has been carried out by a person who is fully dedicated is always a source of inspiration.  –Carlos Ghosn

Autumn Acorns!


Ahhhh Autumn . . . fresh air, golden leaves, acorns at your feet, and in the grass.

These button acorns will add so much decor to your fall arrangements, or perfect to set on the mantel or shelf! Bring Autumn into your home year after year! Vintage buttons add so much charm to these beauties!

Price: 12.50 each      *Only one available*

Heavenly Headbands



These colorful headbands will make any outfit complete!  White, Blues, Purple, Black & White, Red, Black & White, Brown, Aqua – all made with one of a kind vintage buttons! There are partial button coverage and full button coverage!

A great gift for any occasion!

Price: $8.50/partial coverage       $12.50/full coverage

The Seasons of the Button!

Oh my . . . one of my favorite creations! The four seasons in colorful detail!

This 12″ x 36″ canvas has it all – the images of each season in their glorious splendor!

From the bottom: Spring has sprung! Lots of flowers – daisies, roses, blossoms on the branches, pinks, greens, bee’s and a ladybug, and even an owl perched on a branch.

Then: Winter is shining and twinkling! Lots of different snowflakes, icy white and blue buttons hanging from the branches! A flurry of beauty!

Moving up: Summer in full swing! The sun is shining off to the left, and then, there is even a sandy scene, complete with sea shells too! Lots of hot, gorgeous colors!

Finally: Fall is happening in golds, oranges, browns and a few purple buttons too! The leaves are falling, and the harvest moon is big and full, surrounded with faux coral as an accent!


Pick up/Delivery Price: 70.00

Mailing/Shipping Price: 90.00