Vintage/Antique SPECIAL Button Magnet Sets…

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Flower Set; Snowflake Set; Christmas Set; Touch of Pink Glass Set; Rose Colored Glass Set; Sun’s Rays Set; Sunflower Set; Pink Posy Set; Pink Star Set

🎁Need exchange gifts, stocking stuffers, office or dorm room magnets for magnet board, teacher gifts??????🎋

These button magnet sets are absolutely stunning! Design, shapes, patterns, style…so unique!

Vintage molded plastic, Bakelite, Celluloid, Cut Glass, Cut Sculpted Colored Glass, Filigree, Mother of Pearl, and more!!!

*Sets of 4…

Pick up/Delivery Price: 10.00/set of 4

Mailing/Delivery Price: 17.00/set of 4


Vintage/Antique Button Brooches!

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These are SO special and wonderful! So many designs and colors poured into each brooch!

Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Dyed Mother of Pearl, Carved Mother of Pearl, Filigree, Art Deco, Rhinestones, Wood, Vintage Molded Plastic, Metal, Bakelite, Patriotic, and more!!!

Price: Medium – 12.50; Large/Specialty – 15.00 – meet up and pick up price:

Price: Medium – 18.50; Large/Speciality – 21.50 – shipping and mail price:

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Ahhh . . . Filigree!


Filigree Buttons – The word filigree is derived from the Latin word “filum” (meaning thread). It is ornamental openwork of delicate or intricate design.

Filigree suggests ‘lace’ in its design. It has a very specific feminine look since 1660 to present. Every year the filigree look is somewhere in fashion!

These button examples are in vintage and antique metal and plastic. So beautiful!