Garden Life


“Garden Life” Vintage Button Mosaic Standing Trivet…

This colorful mosaic garden scene is full of life, with a vintage button “fish” splashing in a vintage blue glass button pond, a vintage ceramic bird button flying overhead, and the vintage button sun is shining bright! White, pink, red, aqua, bronze, gold and blue vintage/antique button flowers are as pretty as can be!

Many gorgeous vintage and antique buttons were used in this piece, including glass, bakelite, metal, carved and dyed mother of pearl, celluloid, and more!

I’ve used sand and seed beads in place of grout, and it really adds texture to this creation. The colors just pop!!!!

Size: 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

Use for display on a table, countertop, dresser, etc., or on an easel.

Pick up/Delivery Price: 43.50

Mailing/Shipping Price: 53.50

Monet’s Garden!


My second series…

Monet’s Garden!
These button creations were inspired by photos we took in Giverny, France, when visiting Claude Monet’s home and gardens.

From Left to right:
Orange Poppy Grandeur – 12″x12″ – 55.00
Canterbury Bells Splendor – 14″x18″ – 65.00
Water Garden – 16″x12″ – 70.00
Pink Starburst – 12″x16″ – 65.00
Ornamental Poppy Pleasure – 11″x14″ – 70.00

Price: 260.00/set of 5 Canvas Creations

Orange Poppy Grandeur – Pick up/Meet up price: 55.00

Orange Poppy Grandeur – Mailing/Shipping price: 65.00

Canterbury Bells Splendor – Pick up/Meet up price: 65.00

Canterbury Bells Splendor – Mailing/Shipping price: 75.00

Water Garden – Pick up/Meet up price: 70.00

Water Garden – Mailing/Shipping price: 8000

Pink Starburst – Pick up/Meet up price: 65.00

Pink Starburst – Mailing/Shipping price: 75.00

Ornamental Poppy Pleasure – Pick up/Meet up price: 60.00

Ornamental Poppy Pleasure – Mailing/Shipping price: 70.00

Monet’s Garden Set of 5 –  Pick up/Meet up price – 300.00

Monet’s Garden Set of 5 – Mailing/Shipping price – 320.00

The vintage and antique buttons used in this series are “off the charts” – just amazing!