Fine Feather Series…


My fourth Vintage Button Series…

Fine Feather Series!

From left to right:

Nesting Feathers – 11″x14″ – Regular Price: 46.50

Mailing or Shipping Price: 56.50

Full Feather – 12″x24″ – Regular Price: 54.50

Mailing or Shipping Price: 63.00

Tail Feather – 11″x14″ – Regular Price: 38.50

Mailing or Shipping Price: 48.50

Peacock Feather – 16″x20″ – Regular Price: 51.50

Mailing or Shipping Price: 53.77

Price for Set – 191.00

Mailing or Shipping Price:  225.00

Pot of Gold…


I found it! I found it!!!

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!! Yippee!!!

This 16″×20″ canvas is full of happiness and color!! The vintage button rainbow is as bright as can be, and the vintage black button pot is overflowing with shiny vintage gold buttons! And, of course, there’s a fluffy vintage white button cloud to add softness to this piece.

The background is a mixture of Robin’s Egg and Golden Glitter, and there is a subtle sparkle in the sky!

Delivery and Pick up Regular Price: 58.50 *15% off Price: 49.72 – **during our MARCH BUTTON BREEZE SALE!

Mailing and Shipping Price: *60.72



Whirlwind Gardens



Welcome to Buttonia!

There are some very special places in a land called Buttonia, (pronounced But toe nia), with the most beautiful forest and garden in all the world.

The Cranberry Forest, (pictured above in the second image), is known for it’s bright colors, beautiful and very unique birds, gorgeous buttons that grow on the trees, which are lustrous shades of every color you can imagine, and cranberry sky!

You might remember “Cranberry Forest”, which SOLD last year to a very special customer for her grandchild!

Next to the Cranberry Forest, there is a glorious flower garden, called Whirlwind Gardens. It is just amazing! The flowers are created after being tumbled about in a glittery whirlwind, and then tossed into the garden, at just the right moment!
In this garden, the butterflies and birds are glittery! Dragonflies, frogs, ladybugs, crickets and more, play in the garden every day! There are stars in the sky, and floating sequins soaring throughout the garden.

There’s even shiny, sparkly rhinestone flowers that grow along paths and close to streams!
The sky is a beautiful shade of Cranberry or Turquoise, and the clouds are always bright and cheery!

Whirlwind Gardens…

Many unique and special vintage and antique buttons were used, such as antique cut glass, china, dyed mother of pearl, bakelite, metal, celluloid, leather, and much more!

Size: 12″x16″

Pick up/Delivery Price: 32.50

Mailing/Shipping Price: 45.00

Cartwheel Galaxy

image image

Some have asked where my inspiration came when I made the “Cartwheel Galaxy” Vintage Button Canvas, and the image below shows the Cartwheel Galaxy, as shot by the Hubble Telescope. Aren’t the colors just amazing?? They said that they named it the Cartwheel Galaxy, because it looked like a wheel with spokes.

This is the third piece in my Cosmic Creation Series, and measures 9 3/4″x9 3/4″. As I’ve said before, the vintage buttons used in this series are “out of this world”.

Pick up/Delivery Price: 27.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 35.50

Be Grateful!


Natural Wood Sign…
“Be Grateful” – made this awhile back, and seemed perfect…

I used some awesome French Vintage buttons, and Ceramic Heart Buttons too. And even glitter…

Size: 5 1/4″×16 1/4″

Pick up/Delivery Price: $15.00

Mail/Shipping Price: $22.00

Glistening Smoky Mother of Pearl Button Clothespins!


Sparkle, shimmer and shine with these Glistening Smoky Mother of Pearl Button Clothespins (Set of six)! These will make work seem a lot more fun!

These are sold in sets of six, and there are two sets available!

The glitter is a mixture of black, silver and white!

Price: 15.00/set of six      **Both sets – 25.00

Set of six: Pick up/Meet up price: 15.00

Set of six: Mailing or Shipping price: 20.00

Both sets: Pick up/Meet up price: 25.00

Both sets: Mailing or Shipping price: 33.00

Pink Starburst!

image image

I know I say this a lot but, this could be one of my all time favorites – at least for now… My fourth creation in the Monet’s Garden series…

Pink Starburst…

This was taken from a picture we took, when we stopped in our tracks and saw these beautiful Starburst Milkweed light pink blooms, and they seemed to shine! They were surrounded by Daisies and Red Impatiens and Purple Canterbury Bells and tons of greenery. Underneath part of the blooms was a sandy sparkly area too, that was so pretty.

Size: 12″×16″

Pick up/Meet up Price: 52.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 58.00

Vintage Button Rings and Brooches!

image image

These miniature works of art are absolutely spectacular!
Be sure to notice the brilliant colors, only vintage and antique can bring!
Filigree, rhinestones, Bakelite, Celluloid, metal, Molded plastic, Carved Mother of Pearl, Dyed Mother of Pearl, Abalone, Vegetable Ivory, Glitter, and so much more!
The textures and designs are stunning!
*If you can open your screen, please do, and look at each individual creation!

**The rings are silver metal, and adjustable. The brooches are silver metal.

Price: Rings: 20.00 ea.    Brooches: Medium – 15.00 Large & Specialty – 20.00 ea.

**If you purchase five or more, there is a price adjustment. You can look at the pictures to pick out your rings and brooches!

Vintage Button Rings – Pick up/Meet up Price: 20.00   **You can comment & pick out your color choices. 

Shipping/Mailing Price: 25.00 

Vintage Button Brooches – Medium – Pick up/Meet up Price: 15.00**You can comment & pick out your medium brooch choices.

Shipping/Mailing Price: 20.00

Vintage Button Brooches – Large & Specialty – Pick up/Meet up Price: 20.00 ea

Shipping/Mailing Price: 25.00




Glitter…I love it…I play with it…I use it in my projects and crafts! It is fun, beautiful, sparkly! What’s not to like???? I use glitter on some of my button creations too!

Do you love glitter? What are some ways that you use it? Please share if you like!

“Teachers Rule” Necklace

image image

Got a teacher in your life? This would make a very cute gift idea! This is one of my Domino Button Necklaces, and this cute little “ruler” button is sitting on a sparkly, glittered, modern-southwestern design, with a cute green 18″ chain.

“Teachers Rule” Necklace

**I have several Domino Button Necklaces, so leave a message in the comment section if you’d like to see other designs!

Price: 10.00 each