Vintage Button Adornments!

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Set of four Mother of Pearl Vintage Button Adornments…

Smooth and Shiny Mother of Pearl Buttons, Abalone, Sculpted Mother of Pearl, Vintage Molded Buttons, on a Metal Snowflake backdrop…so special!

**Most of these unique Vintage and antique buttons come from France, and have so much design!

Great exchange gifts, stocking stuffers, and more!!

Cinnamon Pearl, Aquamarine Pearl, Abalone Pearl, Day & Night Pearl…

Pick up/Meet up Price: Set of 4: 55.00

Mailing/Shipping Price: 63.00

Pick up/Meet up Price: Each: 15.00

Mailing/Meet up Price: Each: 19.00

Rouge and Rose Button Hearts


This message board has personality plus!!

The metal hearts are a perfect place to put those all important reminders!

Beautiful vintage buttons in this creation!
On each heart there are three vintage magnet sets. A beautiful pink and white lattice combo, a very vintage cloth button set in pink and red, and last, but definitely not least…a stunning mother of Pearl set.
Size: 5 1/2″ x 13 1/2″

Price: 20.00

Star/Snowflake Vintage Button Ornaments….


The vintage buttons in these creations are so unique and gorgeous! Different color combinations and they all pop!

From top to bottom:

Pink and Yellow (could see this in a little girl’s room also).

Red and Green combinations (2)

Mother of Pearl combinations (3)

Purple, Gray and Navy

Turquoise, White and Aqua

There are dyed mother of Pearl buttons in Purple, Aqua, Turquoise, Blue, and Pink – so shimmery and


Price: 10.00 each     *3 or more – 7.50 each

Snowy Orbs



It’s that time of year again, when we are thinking about the Holidays, decorating, gifts and so much more!

These unique Decorative Orbs can be used for so many things! The two pictured are from the left: The blustery Snowball design, using Mother of Pearl, clear and plastic buttons; or you can have a particular color combination that fits your holiday theme, home decor, or as a gift. This one has different blues, beiges and whites. All of my designs are a mixture of antique/vintage and modern buttons. They are all unique and different.

These orbs can also be transformed into Christmas decorations, and make great exchange gifts for parties! You can pick up a cute bowl, and voila . . . let the decorating begin!

There are so many different color combinations – the sky truly is the limit, as I say so much, but it’s true!

These orbs are 10 1/2″ in diameter, and there is also a bigger size – around 13 1/2″ in diameter.

Price: 15.00 – 10 1/2″ and 20.00 – 13 1/2″