Vintage Key Pendants!

Blue & Red Flower; Orange Blossom; True Blue; Blue Spice

Golden Sparkle; Think Pink; Blue Posie; Icy Blue

Ring of Fire; Sparkling Blossoms; Scarlet Blooms; Shimmering Flower

Slice of Brass; Ebony Shine; Aqua Gem; Golden Pearl

Keys of 2017…

Vintage Key Pendants, with matching leather cord that slip over the head – all cords are 23″-26″. There is one brass ball chain necklace, and silver chain necklace.

Made with resin flowers, glass rhinestones, shells, mother of pearl, millefiori glass, and more!

All keys are brass, except for one, and it is silver tone.

The names of the pendants are under each photo.

Price: 12.50 each 17% off

BLAST Price: 10.37 each

*Remember…there is a quantity discount for multiple orders.

**Comment if you’d like five or more, and I’ll give you the discount!

Button Stacked Speciality Necklace!

image image


One of “The Button Woman’s” most popular pieces…so colorful and fun!

Another wonderful customer picked her necklace up today! She is shown wearing it, and this piece goes with most anything! She couldn’t wait to put it on ASAP!

You can pick multi-color, or whatever color you like, and what color chain you like, such as gold, silver, etc.

Pick up/Delivery Price: 45.00

Mailing/Shipping Price: 53.00

Vintage Button Key Necklaces


What is the KEY to a successful New Year?

Maybe wearing these Vintage Key Necklaces will help along your journey! Lots of different colors, sparkle and design!

Each necklace is unique, different lengths, colors of chain or cord.

Shimmering Key – 22″ – Brass Chain

Pick up/Delivery Price: 15.00 each

Mail/Shipping Price: 21.00 each

Turquoise Bloom – 22″ – Brass Chain

Vintage Button Braided Hemp Necklace!



Vintage Necklace Delights!

These Vintage Buttons are a “step above” when it comes to design and beauty! Hand braided natural Hemp cord brings the necklace together!

Both necklaces are around 28″ long, and slip over the head for simple comfort!

The white necklace is titled: White Cloud
Black Necklace: Black Diamond

The designs on these buttons are stunning!

Pick up/Delivery Price: 24.50 each

White Cloud Necklace:

Mail/Shipping Price: 30.50

Black Diamond Necklace:

Mail/Shipping Price: 30.50

Flights of Fancy Button Statement Necklace!

Up Up and Away!
–by Jimmy Webb
*Sung by The 5th Dimension

Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?
Would you like to glide in my beautiful balloon?
We could float among the stars together, you and I…

image        image

Very pretty crystals, turquoise and red buttons, along with hot air balloon charms decorate this 16″ silver double link chain w/3″ extender, but the Antique Carved and Molded Red Celluloid Button Pendant deserves the applause in this creation!

Meet up/Pick up Price: 29.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 32.50

Bobby Pin Vintage Button Necklace!


Hold on to your hats, because these aren’t your grandma’s bobby pins!

This awesome Button Bobby Pin Necklace is made with faux Tortoise Shell bobby pins, and the pendant is a beautiful Antique Smoky mother of pearl, along with two Antique Square Mother of Pearl buttons, to add shine and sparkle. The 16″ chain is brushed brass with a 3-inch extender.

I snapped two different views of this creation so that you could see the colors in the Mother of Pearl pendant, as well as the Tortoise Shell Bobby Pins. If you look at the Mother of Pearl pendant, you can see the different colors and how they pop – the greens, blues, golds…it truly is amazing.

Pick up/Meet up Price: 22.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 28.50

Sparkling Bobbin Button Necklace…

image image

Price: 23.50

This double link nickel chain is holding some beautiful Fuchsia buttons, Floral resin buttons, and the “piece de resistance” is the fun and very sparkly Sewing Bobbin pendant! Whether you are a seamstress or just like unique and colorful pieces, this might be for you!!

Size: 16″

Sparkling Bobbin Button Necklace – Meet up or pick up price: 23.50

Shipping/mailing price: 26.50