Vintage/Antique SPECIAL Button Magnet Sets…

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Top to Bottom:

Flower Set; Snowflake Set; Christmas Set; Touch of Pink Glass Set; Rose Colored Glass Set; Sun’s Rays Set; Sunflower Set; Pink Posy Set; Pink Star Set

🎁Need exchange gifts, stocking stuffers, office or dorm room magnets for magnet board, teacher gifts??????🎋

These button magnet sets are absolutely stunning! Design, shapes, patterns, style…so unique!

Vintage molded plastic, Bakelite, Celluloid, Cut Glass, Cut Sculpted Colored Glass, Filigree, Mother of Pearl, and more!!!

*Sets of 4…

Pick up/Delivery Price: 10.00/set of 4

Mailing/Delivery Price: 17.00/set of 4


Animal Themed Button Storage Jars…

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New, from The Button Woman! I’ve wanted to make these for a couple of years now, and finally finished this example to show. We all need extra storage, and these make great containers to use in every room of the house, or office.

Nursery? Child’s room? Play room? Library? Countertop? Bathroom? Craft Room? Sewing Room? Office? Desk?

Great for holding cotton balls, Q-tips, crayons, pencils, markers, paperclips, erasers, craft supplies, sewing items, you name it!

Comes in three sizes: Small (Pictured here); Medium; Large.

You can pick your theme, and color! The image pictured is painted in “Sea Glass”.

Small: 15.00   Medium: 30.00     Large:   45.00

All three sizes: 80.00 (Save $10)


Burgundy Bliss!


“Burgundy Bliss” 2-Opening Vintage Button Collage Picture Frame with Bulletin Board, with five matching Vintage Button Tacks.
This Bulletin Board/Picture Frame Combo is a stylish way to give you extra display space, and also for those important reminders, business cards, or even more pictures!

The glass covered space for two images measures 5 1/2″ x 3″ each. The cork bulletin board measures 4 1/2″ x 11 1/2″.

The Vintage and Antique Buttons in this creation are full of texture and design, and rich in color!

The Burgundy color stands for: Leadership, Trail Blazer, Vigilant, Beauty, Maturity and Warmth.

Size: 11 1/4″x14″

Pick up/Delivery Price: 32.50

Mailing/Shipping Price: 44.50

“Believe” Metal Magnetic Message Board



“Believe” Metal Magnetic Message Board…

*Comes with three amazing vintage button magnets…

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
–Theodore Roosevelt

This magnetic message board in it’s Damask pattern would help anyone get organized! There’s also a beautiful vintage button floral motif on this piece.

Size: 12″x12″

Pick up/Delivery Price: 24.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 33.50


Tacky Stacked Vintage Button Tacks…


📌📍TACKY Stacked Vintage Button Tacks…

Your cork board/message board will be so happy!!

Lots of wonderful vintage buttons were used…carved and molded metal, Bakelite, and so much design and texture!

🍋All are sets of six, except for the Steampunk inspired “Slice of Lemon” set (yellow in center – set of four.)

🍬Left: Butterscotch Bliss
💨Bottom: White Smoke
💥Left curve: Smoky Gold
🌰Bottom curve: Blue Chestnut
🔵Top curve: Navy Pearl
✴Middle curve: Silver Black

Delivery/Pick up Price: 12.50/set  *ALL SETS

Mailing/Shipping Price: 18.00


Stylish Jumbo Paperclip/Bookmark sets…

Paperwork problem?
OR…have books that need to be marked, instead of bending back a page?

Well, look no further! These Jumbo Vintage Button Bookmarks/Paperclips will tame your paperwork and make book reading even more fun!

These vintage buttons are chunky, have great design, and have been paired with rhinestones, Mother of Pearl, buffed celluloid, bakelite, cloth, sculptured Mother of Pearl and more!

These pretty gems come in sets of two!

Pick up/Delivery Price: 6.00/set of two

Mail/Shipping Price: 10.00/set of two

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Glistening Smoky Mother of Pearl Button Clothespins!


Sparkle, shimmer and shine with these Glistening Smoky Mother of Pearl Button Clothespins (Set of six)! These will make work seem a lot more fun!

These are sold in sets of six, and there are two sets available!

The glitter is a mixture of black, silver and white!

Price: 15.00/set of six      **Both sets – 25.00

Set of six: Pick up/Meet up price: 15.00

Set of six: Mailing or Shipping price: 20.00

Both sets: Pick up/Meet up price: 25.00

Both sets: Mailing or Shipping price: 33.00

Vintage Button Magnetic Clips!

image image image

I have had many ask if I’d make some magnetic button clips, and guess what? I listened!
Vintage Button Magnetic Clips…
Cocoa Grape (verigated brown and shiny purple), Mocha Aqua (a shiny pearly brown and icy aqua.
These are very strong magnets and your paperwork and notes will never get lost again!

In sets of two!

Cocoa Grape Button Magnetic Clips – Meet up/Pick up Price: 8.00 per set of two

Shipping/Mailing Price: 10.00 set of two

Mocha Aqua Button Magnetic Clips – Meet up/Pick up Price: 8.00 per set of two

Shipping/Mailing Price: 10.00 set of two