Pearly Mosaic Cross


This iridescent cross is filled with vintage mother of pearl buttons, smoky mother of pearl buttons, and shells. The light really shows the opalescent colors.

The grout is a special mixture that has a light shade of pink peeking through, which also highlights the pearls.

Size: 8″ x 12″

Pick up/Delivery Price: 45.00

Ship/Mailing Price: 55.00

The Beauty of Mother of Pearl!

image image

I have been asked many times regarding my excitement over Mother of Pearl. I picked up some vintage buttons recently, and this was just a sampling of what was in the grouping, and I could feel my heart beating faster and faster and faster, as I pulled these out, which may seem crazy to some, (ha), but I decided to put them on my mom’s old china platter and take some pictures to show you the design, the colors – some have been dyed, such as the aqua and pink ones, the intricate patterns, the sculpting, and the carving. Some of you have experienced the way that Mother of Pearl feels between your fingers, if you put it up to your face, but it’s an extremely cool feel, and you always know that you have an authentic Mother of Pearl piece, if it feels cold to the touch. Also, if you turn it around you can see part of the shell still there that’s been filed down…so, thank you for bearing with me “once again” as I show you the beauty of these Mother of Pearl buttons, and buckles. I love the iridescent colors.

Here is the definition of Mother of Pearl: the hard, pearly internal layer of certain marine shells, as of the pearl oyster or abalone, which is used in the arts, in making of pearl buttons, etc.

Antique Mother of Pearl Whistle Buttons!

A whistle button is a very unique button. It has one hole on the face of the button, and two or more holes on the back. What makes these buttons special is that when you thread them, the thread will not show from the front, so it is protected from wear and tear, snagging, etc.

The first picture shows the front, and the second picture shows the back of the button.image image

Whimsical Rhinestone Moon


This exciting creation is chock full of lovely vintage buttons – mother of Pearl, dyed mother of Pearl, molded plastic, lots of shiny and sparkly bling bling, whites, a few blues, and yellows.  And, look . . . the moon even caught a falling star!!  The beautiful blue night sky just makes the moon and stars pop!

This would be great for a nursery (I love you to the moon and back), or anywhere in your home!

The size is: 12″ x 12″

Price: 32.50

Interesting facts about Mother of Pearl Buttons and Shell Buttons!


Shell buttons can be made from many kinds of mollusks. All “pearl” buttons are shell buttons, but not all shell buttons are “pearl.” The biggest differences: Mother of Pearl or Pearl buttons are made from oyster shells found in the warm Pacific Ocean waters. They resemble white satin fabric with that beautiful iridescent luster that comes from the lining of the shell. (As you can see from the ones I showed in this picture.) Shell buttons are white, but lack this iridescence. They might even be a little thinner. Early shell buttons were imported to America chiefly from England, and around 1890, Americans began making buttons from mussel shells harvested from the Mississippi River. *If you think you have a Mother of Pearl Button, but you are not sure, just put it up to your cheek, and it will be ice cold. I love that!