Pearly Mosaic Cross


This iridescent cross is filled with vintage mother of pearl buttons, smoky mother of pearl buttons, and shells. The light really shows the opalescent colors.

The grout is a special mixture that has a light shade of pink peeking through, which also highlights the pearls.

Size: 8″ x 12″

Pick up/Delivery Price: 45.00

Ship/Mailing Price: 55.00

“Believe” Metal Magnetic Message Board



“Believe” Metal Magnetic Message Board…

*Comes with three amazing vintage button magnets…

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
–Theodore Roosevelt

This magnetic message board in it’s Damask pattern would help anyone get organized! There’s also a beautiful vintage button floral motif on this piece.

Size: 12″x12″

Pick up/Delivery Price: 24.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 33.50


By the Sea!



What a joy to work on, and such a great feeling to complete! Shells, sand dollars, fish, sea turtle, and sea gulls remind us of the beauty by the sea! The vintage button sun is so bright! The vintage mother of pearl clouds are so shiny and soft, and the lime green/emerald green beaded seagulls are swooping in to enjoy this day too!

Beach: Real sand, used as grout to highlight the beautiful vintage mother of pearl buttons, filigree buttons and more. Shells, sand dollars and more create the beach experience we all love!

Sea: Gorgeous turquoise beaded and vintage button waters welcome us, as we see rhinestone silver fish, and even a cute sea turtle swimming away! Lots of currents, waves and more showing the various colors of the water!

Sky: Big, round orange and yellow seed beads and vintage buttons sun shining down on the day’s activities, with seed bead seagulls flying in the sky too! The vintage mother of pearl, seed bead clouds seem to be floating in the lovely seed bead, vintage button sky!

Size: 14″ x 18″

Pick up/Delivery Price: 76.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 91.50

Zipped Up Button Brooches!


You won’t want to “zip it” with these Zipped Up Button Brooches! They are too fun to talk about!

Very colorful, and guaranteed to start a conversation!!

Zipped Up Button Brooches – Multi – Meet up/Pick up Price: 7.50 each

Zipped Up Button Brooches – Multi – Shipping/Mailing Price: 10.00 each

Zipped Up Button Brooches – Yellow – Meet up/Pick up Price: 7.50 each

Zipped Up Button Brooches – Yellow – Shipping/Mailing Price: 10.00 each


Celestial Light Decorative Mirror…

image image

This shimmering sun has a sprinkling of vintage/antique yellow buttons, whispering the brilliant light it brings forth.

Size: 11″ around

I’m showing these photos to showcase the mirror’s beauty.

“No matter how tall the mountain, it cannot block out the sun.”

Celestial Light Decorative Mirror – Meet up/Pick up Price: 24.50

Shipping/Mailing Price: 30.50

Plastic Knot Button Rings!


These rings just might be the cutest ever!

The colors pop, and they would be great for Easter Baskets, Party Favors, Group Gifts, etc.

They’re made with durable plastic lacing. Very cool for summertime fun!

Ring size: 7 & 8. *Can make any size!

Plastic Knot Button Rings – Meet up/Pick up Price: 3.00 each

***Before you order, in the comment section, ask what colors are available, and your choices, and then you can place your order!***

Shipping/Mailing Price: 5.00 each

The Seasons of the Button!

Oh my . . . one of my favorite creations! The four seasons in colorful detail!

This 12″ x 36″ canvas has it all – the images of each season in their glorious splendor!

From the bottom: Spring has sprung! Lots of flowers – daisies, roses, blossoms on the branches, pinks, greens, bee’s and a ladybug, and even an owl perched on a branch.

Then: Winter is shining and twinkling! Lots of different snowflakes, icy white and blue buttons hanging from the branches! A flurry of beauty!

Moving up: Summer in full swing! The sun is shining off to the left, and then, there is even a sandy scene, complete with sea shells too! Lots of hot, gorgeous colors!

Finally: Fall is happening in golds, oranges, browns and a few purple buttons too! The leaves are falling, and the harvest moon is big and full, surrounded with faux coral as an accent!


Pick up/Delivery Price: 70.00

Mailing/Shipping Price: 90.00


Copy of an Ancient Roman Coin!


OK, this is one of the many reasons, I love vintage and antique button searching! In one of my button jars, I found this awesome old COPY of an ancient Rome coin. At first, I thought it just might be really one of the coins, and noticed that it was marked “Copy” on the back of the coin, but it is just amazing! I am on top of the moon. I got out my magnifying glass (a MUST for all Button collectors), and looked it over! Then, I searched online, and voila . . . this is what it is:Ancient Rome KAICA POC (of Ceasar) 9AD to 12AD A coin from ancient Rome about the time of Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago. Way cool! The inscription KAICA POC means of Ceasar and the LN is a coded date. Am I excited about this little jewel in my jar????? You bet! On the back is a stalk of wheat, and what you see on the front, is a Palm Tree, and little dots encircling the coin. And, it has the words, KAICA POC on it too! (Everything is faded, but clearly there!) I smiled for a couple of days after this find! See More

Vintage Ribbon Button Bracelets!


These Vintage Ribbon Button bracelets just make me smile! Top left is the California Poppy bracelet and then, bottom right, is the Rose Garden bracelet. With one of these on your wrist, you’re sure to be smiling all day long!

And, with the chain extenders, and lobster clasp, you can adjust to your wrist size! They also have a very pretty dangling vintage button to add charm!

Price: $20.00 each