Words of Cheer Holiday Vintage Button Spheres…

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Words of Cheer” Holiday Vintage Button Decorative Sphere (Bright Red and Holly Green Background)

*Two spheres pictured available*

Want to decorate your game room, family room, desk with festivity??

These “Scrabble Tile” joyful word spheres will warm any corner or basket for sure!!

Packed with gorgeous vintage and antique buttons, rhinestones, and more!

Size: Large – 14″ round

Pick up/Delivery Price: 30.00

Mailing/Shipping Price: 37.00

Vintage Button Braided Hemp Necklace!



Vintage Necklace Delights!

These Vintage Buttons are a “step above” when it comes to design and beauty! Hand braided natural Hemp cord brings the necklace together!

Both necklaces are around 28″ long, and slip over the head for simple comfort!

The white necklace is titled: White Cloud
Black Necklace: Black Diamond

The designs on these buttons are stunning!

Pick up/Delivery Price: 24.50 each

White Cloud Necklace:

Mail/Shipping Price: 30.50

Black Diamond Necklace:

Mail/Shipping Price: 30.50

Tres Hearts!


“Tres Hearts”
This beautiful Bamboo Tray is loaded with a Vintage Button Heart Mosaic design with three hearts. I used a pretty gray grout to make the colors pop!
With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it fits right in!
Size: 11 1/2″×15 1/2″

Meet up/Deliver Price: $60

Mail/Shipping Price: $70

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