The Complete Abstract Button Tree Series!


This series has been a two month journey! Each creation is so special!

From left to right:
Sun Button Tree, 8″×10″;  Grass Tree, 12″×12″;  The Weaving Tree, 16″×16″;  Blue Fan Tree, 8″×10″;  Prickly Tree, 15″×15″;  Pink Blooms, 7″×14″;  Indigo Button Tree, 8″×10″

**You can scroll through this website, and see each creation separately too!

Each of these pieces can stand alone or all together!

This is exciting, because it is my very first series to work on and complete! 🌳🌲🌴🍃🍂🍀🌿

Abstract Button Tree Series – Pick up/Meet up Price: 200.00 

Shipping/Mailing Price: ******Please contact me in the comment section, and we’ll work out the details.******


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