The Family Button Box/Tin!


I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research over the last several years, and stumbled across something very interesting. There was a time when most families had a button tin or box, and many of us can remember playing with the box/tin as children. They contained endless treasures and we have fond memories as we think about this time in our lives. But, in more recent years, women have had less time, and aren’t making as many homemade clothes. Instead of saving the buttons off of their old clothes, or at least the extra button with their new clothes, cutting them off, and putting them in the family button box/tin, these buttons are being thrown away.

The above unique tin, was actually a button tin that I acquired a few years ago in an antique store, and the buttons were still in the tin. I would call that a very special find, and just think if that tin could talk, the stories it would tell.


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