Vintage Button Bouquets!

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Button Bouquets – are you making a hospital visit to see someone special? Need a unique Teacher’s gift? A bouquet for mom for Mother’s Day?? These three creations were made for a customer going to a luncheon where she was presenting these to three special recipients.

Bouquet on Left is small, and is 25.00.

Bouquet on Right is large, and is 45.00.

**Shown by permission.

These vases were for other arrangements, and each vase will be different depending on availability. *If big quantities are ordered, please message me for more information, etc.

Small Button Bouquet – Meet up/Pick up price: 25.00

Small Button Bouquet – Shipping/Mailing price: 34.00

Large Button Bouquet – Meet up/Pick up price: 45.00

Large Button Bouquet – Shipping/Mailing price: 55.00

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