Vintage Button Rings and Brooches!

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These miniature works of art are absolutely spectacular!
Be sure to notice the brilliant colors, only vintage and antique can bring!
Filigree, rhinestones, Bakelite, Celluloid, metal, Molded plastic, Carved Mother of Pearl, Dyed Mother of Pearl, Abalone, Vegetable Ivory, Glitter, and so much more!
The textures and designs are stunning!
*If you can open your screen, please do, and look at each individual creation!

**The rings are silver metal, and adjustable. The brooches are silver metal.

Price: Rings: 20.00 ea.    Brooches: Medium – 15.00 Large & Specialty – 20.00 ea.

**If you purchase five or more, there is a price adjustment. You can look at the pictures to pick out your rings and brooches!

Vintage Button Rings – Pick up/Meet up Price: 20.00   **You can comment & pick out your color choices. 

Shipping/Mailing Price: 25.00 

Vintage Button Brooches – Medium – Pick up/Meet up Price: 15.00**You can comment & pick out your medium brooch choices.

Shipping/Mailing Price: 20.00

Vintage Button Brooches – Large & Specialty – Pick up/Meet up Price: 20.00 ea

Shipping/Mailing Price: 25.00


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