Vintage Metal Buttons!


Vintage Metal Buttons are some of the most beautiful buttons you will find!

You will want to use a polishing cloth to clean them! Moisture and oils from our hands tend to cause metals to deteriorate.

Brass is very common for metal buttons. It can look just like gold, but without the heaviness or price.

Pewter buttons contain lead, so something neat with these buttons, is if you rub them on paper, you’ll see a “pencil” mark. Here is something pretty cool – you can buff your pewter button with the outer leaf from a cabbage head, and then, of course, follow up with a soft, dry cloth.

If you have a Steel button, a magnet will identify it. You will want to handle steel buttons as little as possible. Rust can be removed with an ink eraser, and you can clean with small cloths, like the ones to clean your eye glasses!

*Some information taken from Warman’s Buttons Field Guide by Jill Gorski.

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